Success through Messaging

Chatvisor is your all-around solution to integrate the benefits of Messengers into your existing workflows.

Facebook Messenger

Chatvisor is the versatile, all-in-one platform for Messenger success

Messengers are more powerful than you’d think. By bringing Chatvisor into the game, you equip them with a mighty feature set, so you release their full potential:

  • Grow
  • Customer chat
  • Live view
  • Chat flows
  • Visitor tracking
  • Web analytics
  • Sentiment
  • Content profiling


Messenger Newsletter

“Individualized, scalable 1on1-Communication”

Keep your customers, your audience updated with your latest news, upcoming events and valuable content. Chatvisor covers the whole picture from getting people effectively to your Messenger channel, allowing them to opt-in and managing the content you’d like to be delivered.

Community Management

“Support Automation through Messenger”

Build strong customer relationships. Automate customer support requests from your Facebook Page and solve them in Messenger. Due to sentiment analysis algorithms Chatvisor recognizes requests, reclamations, etc. and informs the relevant support authority to take care of it.



“Get to know your customers better”

Having the right information helps making the right decisions. Chatvisor helps you make the right decisions by gathering information about your customers. We’re putting relevant insights from your web site, Facebook Page and Messenger channels into context.

Why Facebook Messenger?

When interacting with friends and family, Messaging-Apps are the preferred way of communication today. Therefore, companies should think of integrating these channels for customer communication to actively inform about news and to support. The numbers don’t lie:

  • 1.3 Billion

    Active Users

  • > 90%

    Open Rates

  • ø 25 %



GDPR compliant per default

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