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Directly manage your campaigns on our platform. I.e. you can create a contest and effectively deliver content to your users.

95% Opening Rate

In average our clients have ~95% opening rates for sent newsletters.

25% Click Rate

Additionally to our great opening rates of 95%, our clients can shine with 25% click rates of their sent articles.

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Gain subscribers due to raffles

on March 29, 2018

Comment Watcher To better understand the system of our Comment Watcher, here a visualization of all relationships and flows: The user comments your Facebook Post (which can be a raffle) on your Facebook Page. When your page is connected with Chatvisor, our platform receives notifications from Facebook always then, when a user comments one of your postings. Have you additionally created a Comment Watcher to screen a certain post, our platform replies to commenting users with a text message you previously defined.

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Major Messenger Platform Changes affecting Chatvisor

on March 27, 2018

Due to Facebook’s major changes on its Messenger platform, all Messenger services including Chatvisor will be temporarily restricted in its use. As of now (March 27th), it is not possible to connect new Facebook Pages to our application. For more details, click this link for the official Facebook announcement: We apologise for any inconvenience - in case you have any questions, please contact us at or via Messenger.

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Why Messenger Marketing is 'the next big thing'

on March 25, 2018

The „Battle of Awareness“ goes into the next round – why Messenger Marketing is the logic next step in digital marketing! A successful marketer should ask himself every day from new: where lies the awareness of my potential customers and target groups really? Due to the constant change in digital marketing this question isn’t answered easily – or is it? The past showed, that you’ll reach your goals, when you’re able to identify trends and therefore chances in an early stage.

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Grow your user base and deliver Messenger newsletters

on February 1, 2018

Introduction Chatvisor allows you to connect with your customers in Facebook Messenger. Our software extends Messenger with a subscriber model, so you can market and provide news in Messenger. Getting users to subscribe while causing no additional work is one of our main targets. Therefore, we developed Growth Tools to automatically lead Facebook users to your Messenger channel. One of the most effective tools in that regard is the Comment Watcher - which we will take a closer look at in this post.

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