Bringing relevant news to your Messenger subscribers is key, therefore we back them up with detailed Analytics in Web, Facebook & Messenger.

Facebook Messenger


Chatvisor helps you understand your community by analyzing their journeys

Chatvisor is more than just Messenger Marketing. Our detailed Analytics give you deep insights for your general marketing strategy. Our platform creates customer profiles on base of customer behavior on your website, Facebook Page and your Messenger channel. Complementary to that, Chatvisor will sync your content (product) portfolio, extract granular interest profiles on base of sentiment analysis and matches all that information to customers interests. This will allow to send the right information to the right people at the right time.

Analytics can be split into three core segments:

Web Analytics

The WebAnalytics integration allows you to monitor your website, so you can learn more about the exact journeys customers take on your website. Customers that have opted-in in Messenger to receive your latest news can be retargeted in Messenger according their behavior on your website.

Web Analytics

Customer Profiling

Communicating relevant content requires supporting information on customers as a collective or as individuals. Chatvisor aggregates data from customer interactions of your Messenger, your Facebook Page and your website. The so aggregated insights help you better understand your customer interests, moreover this opens brand new targeting options to reach your Messenger subscribers.

Content Profiling

Your website’s, webshop’s or blog’s content addresses various kinds of customers. This content is the fundament of topics your customers can be interested in. To evaluate and conclude the set of topics, naturally all Chatvisor needs is your content. Transferring content is simple - standardized feeds, our generic crawling algorithms or our Shopify plugin do the work for you.

Content Profiling

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