What is Chatvisor capable of?

July 10, 2017

It’s the modern Newsletter! Chatvisor allows companies and businesses to reach their community privately and personally. We’re helping to make the most out of your Facebook Page by generating subscribers on Messenger from your customers/followers. These subscribers can then be kept well informed about the newest products/collections, news, upcoming events, etc. – all within Messenger.

##Why Messenger (Messaging in general)? It’s getting harder and harder to connect with customers using traditional marketing methods. Email newsletters are only opened by 20 % of recipients and only about every 6th Facebook Post reaches your followers news feed organically. As very respectable alternative to that are messaging channels like Messenger. Read more

Even Mark Zuckerberg said: “Messaging is one of the few things people do more then social networking”. On Messenger about 80 % of the messages are getting opened, which leads to significantly higher conversion rates and awareness for your products.

##What is Chatvisor capable of? ###Generate Subscribers Chatvisor generates subscribers from Facebook Posts. The best example here are all kinds of raffles on Facebook - to have a winning chance, a participant needs to comment on the post. From then on Chatvisor takes over and replies personally, privately and instantly on Messenger and offers the commenter a subscription: (here are different methods possible)

Of course, there are some more ways of generating users, like adding our Messenger widget to your homepage or referrals which can be scanned by the Messenger app on smartphones to initiate a conversation. It’s also possible to ask the user manually for a subscription, e. g. in a support conversation via Messenger. Read more

###Sending Messages (Broadcasts) After Chatvisor generated subscribers for you, it is time to send messages – or as we call them: broadcasts. This can be your latest news, newest collections, special offers, upcoming events and more. To make it as easy as possible, our article management can synchronize all your products from your web shop automatically. Read more

Manage Subscriptions: according to Facebook and many countries law the user needs to have the opportunity to unsubscribe from Messenger news.

There can be sent up to ten articles/products (like the shirt in the screenshot) in one message – the user can swipe through them.

###Analyze your Facebook Page We added a lot of analyzation tools which help you find out how your broadcasts perform, user acquisition, click rates, reach, etc. Additionally, you can find out, who your top interactors on Facebook are. What user commits the most likes/comments and so on.

###Bigger Picture In the future Chatvisor will learn from each interaction on Messenger. This way we will be able to provide users with products and news according their interests. We’re also working on implementing advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to offer as much automation as possible.

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