How to set up Chatvisor

August 21, 2017

Chatvisor is an addition to your Facebook page, because of that it’s necessary to have a Facebook account which has admin permissions to a (your) Facebook page. That’s it!

Setting up Chatvisor is as easy as it can get. With just 5 clicks you’re ready to go! First you need to visit our web site – here you’ll find the “Continue with Facebook”-Button. Step number one is clicking it:

By clicking it you’ll be redirected to Facebook. In order to create a Chatvisor account we use your Facebook profile and the email address you use for signing up on Facebook. To give your contact information to us, Facebook asks you for permission. To advance click “Continue as” – in my case – “Mathias”.

By doing that, a new window opens, which asks you for more detailed permissions: “chatvisor would like to manage your business, manage your Pages, send messages from Pages you manage, send messages from Pages you manage at any time after the first user interaction and access your Facebook Pages’ messages.”

Since our platform sends (or you with it) newsletter messages like products, events, news articles, blog posts, etc. for you to your followers, we need the permission to send messages with your page. By enabling the bot function, we also provide your users with automated answers to their questions. To add a support interface (like help button or sending articles via chat) for you on Messenger, we bring your messages into the Chatvisor, so you have all the Messenger communication within one system.

By clicking “OK” you’ll get redirected to the backend of Chatvisor. Here all your Facebook pages will be listed, so you are able to choose the one you want to connect.

Enable Bot Functionality. By checking this checkbox you can activate the bot functions. This way we automatically answer interactions with you Facebook page. User will then have the option to search through your articles or ask for human support. You can later customize the answers and options Chatvisor powers your Messenger with.

By adding your chosen Facebook page and clicking the “Save”-button more options for customization will be available:

By adding a FAQ URL, users who ask for human help will get also the option to take a look at your FAQ on your web site. For this function, the “Bot Functionality” must be enabled.

We measure all your content in articles. Articles can be products, events, news articles, blog posts, etc. – for products it would make sense to show a price within the chat, for news articles it does not really make sense. You can here set if you want your articles with or without a price by default. In the Article Management System (menu point “Articles”) you can also set this option individually for each article.

Currency. Here you can type in the currency you want your prices to be displayed. (€, $, etc.)

To give your team members, co-workers access to your Chatvisor installation you cann add users by adding their email address in the “Users”-section.

Congrats! By now, you should have set up Chatvisor successfully! We hope this little how-to helped.

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