Article Management

September 20, 2017

The platform provides you with an independent, out-of-the-box article management system. In case you do not have a web shop or site, you can easily manage all of your content (products, news, events, etc.) within the system. If you do have a shop or site, we can synchronize and categorize (according to your shop/site) all your content into the article management system.

Articles contain basic information like title, description, price (optional), a link to the same article on your web shop/site for a more detailed view and a picture. You have options like “show price”, “show within chat” to customize further.

Implementing all your content sets the key stone for further functions. What does that exactly mean? By adding an article to Chatvisor you then are able to send it within a personal chat (for e. g. CRM purposes) or with the broadcast function. Read more

Integrate this script to your page and visitors are able to immediately become subscribers. By clicking the button they’ll added as a contact to your Messenger.

Start a campaign and get valuable insights for your marketing!

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