Broadcasting with Chatvisor

November 3, 2017

With our broadcast-function, you send your content either manually or automated via chat. In combination with our implemented subscription model, you keep your followers up to date and well informed.

As another corner stone of our system broadcasts are the way you get your information to your subscribers. In Messenger they come in a very useful format, having a preview picture, a description, a price (optionally) and a link to the respective news article/blog post etc. on your site or shop.

Since you can’t just send anyone a message we offer you a variety of growth tools to make interested users for you accessible. Future subscribers come via your Facebook page by texting you, writing a comment on one of your posts or by interacting with one of our snippets on your homepage.

When our additional chatbot is activated, users are able to chat with you and subscribe to certain categories. This way they can commit their exact interest and you can reach out by sending the perfect articles for them.

As mentioned above you can either let our system do the work for you or send broadcasts manually. Daily Chatvisor checks if and realises when you add e. g. a product to your shop. This way it can deliver it via chat to your customers.

In the following screenshot there is an example how to create a broadcast with Chatvisor. You can add a message, select the category/ies a subscriber needs have subscribed to receive the message (by selecting no category you send to all your contacts), choose the article out of the article management system you would like to send and click the “Create Broadcast” button - that’s it!

Here you see how this looks like in your subscribers Messenger:

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