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November 15, 2017


Getting information to your followers and customers is what our platform is all about. In case you’re not sure that Facebook Messenger is the channel to go, make sure to also read this article: click here

Chatvisor offers a unique combination of features to make keeping your users up-to-date as easy and user friendly as possible for you. With Broadcasts you can send your articles articles? to your followers in a beautiful way. Our platform also provides you with great metrics to measure how your efforts do. Let’s take a closer look by diving right into this feature in our web app.

There you’ll find [Broadcasts] in the menu bar. When clicked, you get redirected and might see that you have different options/tabs:

  • Statistics: Here you get all kind of information about your broadcasts, like how many users the message reached, opened and how many got redirected on your web site due to it.
  • Direct: Direct Broadcasts will be sent instantly after submitting them. You can send plain simple messages or send Articles.
  • Automatic News: When using crawlers to synchronize your content, Chatvisor is able to send the newest of it to your subscribers - fully automated.
  • Custom: When activating the chatbot function, users can set a time, when they want to receive their news. Custom Broadcasts work much like Direct Broadcasts, except for the fact that they will be delivered at the time the user set.

Direct Broadcasts

When using Direct Broadcasts, you’ll recognize right away that there is more than just one option - the blog post you’re reading right now, breaks them all down. A Direct Broadcast will be sent immediately after being committed. Here you can send basic plain text messages [Simple Message], [Articles] or an [Ask for a subscription] offer to your followers.

When sending a “Simple Message”, you just need to add a text to the Message-field. Here you can personalize the message for all users by using the {firstname} or {lastname} tag – this tag will be replaced by the respective Facebook name.

You can then choose to whom this message should be sent, either to subscribers of a certain category/certain categories or to a “Customer Group” read more you put together before (e. g. VIP customers). Then just click on the “Send Broadcast”-button and here we go – confirm the preview and the message will be sent.

This is how a simple message will look like within the Messenger app:

When sending articles, you define a message, choose which exact articles you want to send (up to 10 in one broadcast) and the receivers (custom or category).

The following phone-screencast should give you a good idea about the way, messages look like on Messenger:

The third option is to “Ask for a subscription”, with it you can ask a y/n-question whether the user wants to subscribe to your Messenger newsletter or not. As a message, you should add a y/n-question like: “do you want us to inform you about our future price games and news within Messenger?”.

Choose for what categories you want to offer a subscription – in the screenshot we only have “News”. It is also possible to offer more categories in one offer, these will be displayed as swipe-able widgets having a “Subscribe”-button. Read more

Now just click the “Send Broadcast”-button and confirm the preview, this is what it looks like on the phone screen:

Automatic News

If we set up the synchronization of your articles or you’re a Shopify user, Chatvisor recognizes when new articles are added, with the activation of “Automatic News” or automatic broadcasts, our system sends the new articles within a day to your subscribers regarding their subscribed categories.

Custom (Broadcasts)

“Custom Broadcasts” work much like “Direct Broadcasts”, except the fact that they won’t be sent immediately. When you’ve activated the set-time-function*, your users can set a time they want messages from you. For example, a customer has set his time (also called interval) at 09:00 am, then your broadcast will be delivered when the clock hits 09:00 am the next time. In case you disabled the set-time-function, the default time will be 10:00 am.

* set-time-function: You can enable or disable the set-time-function under [Bot > Customize > “Ask the user for …”]

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