Live Chat - better support for more subscribers on Facebook Messenger

November 22, 2017

Facebook Messenger: How to give your users the best support experience and increase your subscribers using Live Chat.

Since Facebook started to focus on the development of Messenger, its usage has steadily been increasing. Compared to traditional emails, Messenger conversations have a clearer structure, are easier to follow and users receive responses faster.

To get the most out of your Messenger experience, Chatvisor implemented a Live Chat feature to further increase your support possibilities.

Live Chat works similar to the regular Messenger Chat. On the left you find users that sent messages, on the right you see the specific message. Nothing special about that.

However, the green button on the left of the text box offers two great benefits that aren’t covered by the basic Facebook Messenger functions or any other communication channel on the market. It contains the search function for all your articles in your Article System as well as the “Ask for Subscription” button to offer users a subscription for your news.

This is particularly advantageous in two cases:

  1. Users ask for an event, a product or anything else that you already have in form of an article. Simply click the button, type in a keyword and select the desired article. No more searching and pasting links. This works quick and easy.

  1. To go even further, Live Chat offers you to ask your user on the spot to subscribe to your news. Click on Ask for Subscription, mark all the categories you want to offer your user and type in your text.

This is an important step in your marketing funnel. Your users are already interested and using the Ask for Subscription feature gives you the option to increase your subscribers and close more deals.

Explore the great support possibilities of Live Chat and start building your subscriber base now!

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