Better Posts and higher Responsiveness for your Facebook Page

November 29, 2017

Have you ever wanted to get this shiny green symbol for your own Facebook Page or wondered what it is actually good for?

Posts of Facebook Pages with higher responsiveness have a higher chance of making it to the timelines of their users. The catch here is that a high responsiveness requires either a lot of time or a fully automated Chatbot. The first option is obviously not the most efficient way and the latter has its drawbacks when it comes to messages that require human touch (complaints, specific questions, etc.).

So what’s the best thing to do?

The quicker you reply to messages the better it is for your ranking. Simple as that. So reply as fast as you can. However, we get that you don’t want to spend all of your time waiting for messages to reply.

That’s why Chatvisor offers you a quick and flexible solution to this issue: Auto Responders

An Auto Responder (also known as Auto Reply) allows you to define pre-built answers that are automatically sent to your users if their message contains certain keywords. While you have full control over all of your messages, Auto Responders assist you particularly with repetitive questions like opening hours, event enquiries, delivery conditions and everything your users ask you on a regular basis.

Once an Auto Responder is created it runs 247 and replies immediately even when your computer is off.

To find the Auto Responder menu go to Community –> Grow –> Auto Responder. The 2-step setup is easy:

Step 1: type in all the words (hit Enter after every word!) that should trigger a certain response Step 2: specify your reply message and click “Save Auto Responder”.

All your Auto Responders will be listed above so you can edit or deactivate them whenever you want. You can also see the number of users that were reached by each Auto Responder.

Make use of this awesome feature and increase not only your responsiveness but also the visibility of your Facebook posts!

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