How to analyze your Messenger Marketing - Dashboard Overview

January 3, 2018


Using Analytics and KPIs to measure your Marketing – Overview/Dashboard

Digital Marketing offers endless opportunities for marketers but often it feels like throwing money into a black hole. Therefore, it is crucial to make use of the data that can be gained and analyze it accordingly in order to improve future marketing campaigns.

Chatvisor is different. It sends out your news as broadcasts and instantly gives you valuable insights in return. For every broadcast that you send out you see the number of people that received the broadcast (reach), how many of them opened your message and how many clicked on it. It also indicates how many articles were sent within one broadcast.

Moreover, Chatvisor provides a clear dashboard right from the start that sums up the most important statistics from the various sections at a glance.

Starting with the selection of the time span in the upper right corner, you can select data to be shown - per day - per month - per year and - for the full period of usage

This allows you to evaluate not only recent activities but also long-term trends.

New Users: number of users who interacted with your Facebook Page

Clicks: number of clicks on the broadcast you sent to your users

New Articles: number of articles you have created in or synchronized to your Article System

Messages: number of messages you have sent out to your users in total

Referrals: shows how often your users have scanned your Messenger Codes

Broadcasts: number of broadcasts you sent

User Language: the languages users have selected on Facebook in percent

Top Social Interactors: overview of the users who interact the most with you on the basis of likes and comments

Users by Growth Tools: number of users that could be reached by using the various Growth tools

Top Articles: your articles with the most clicks

The two line charts show trends on the number of your users and clicks that allows you to evaluate your different campaigns.

Start a campaign and get valuable insights for your marketing!

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