Use Case - How to create your own Facebook newsletter

January 4, 2018


Using Chatvisor you can send articles or simple messages. To create the best user experience possible, we recommend using articles rather than simple messages. Articles in Facebook Messenger look like this:

In order to send articles to your community, you first need to get them to the Chatvisor platform – this happens either manually or automated read more. In case you are a Shopify user, you can synchronize your content with our system by installing our Shopify Plugin read more. If you use another system for your web shop, blog, news site; feel free to contact us, we can provide you with an individual synchronization.

Under [Articles] you can also create your articles (and categories) manually.

To do that, you need to click on the “Create new Article”-button. In the following view, you can create and define everything about your article – name, description, URL where the “View”-button in Messenger should lead to, category, graphic. Additionally, to that you can set a price for your article if needed (e. g. when web shop product) and add tags.

Since we have our first article, let’s get started with broadcasts! You find them in the menu under [Broadcasts]. When there, you’ll see that you have different options. In the statistics, you get all kind of information about your broadcasts, like how many reached a user, how many got redirected on your web site and more.

Direct Broadcasts

When using direct Broadcasts, you have the most options. These will be sent immediately after you commit them. Here you can send basic text messages [Simple Message], [Articles] or a [Ask for a subscription] offer to your followers.

When sending articles you just need to add a message to the Message-field and choose the articles you want to send. Here you can personalize the message for all users by using the {firstname} or {lastname} tag – this tag will be replaced by the respective Facebook name.

You can then choose to whom this message should be sent, either to subscribers of a certain category/certain categories or to a “Customer Group” you set together before (e. g. VIP customers). Then just click on the “Send Broadcast”-button and here we go – confirm the preview and the message will be sent.

The following screencast should give you a good idea about the way, your message will look like on Messenger:

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