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January 5, 2018


Emails no longer really provide their intended results. Marketing strategists answered this by focussing more and more on social media, especially Facebook. Today a big number of businesses is very active on Facebook. Since the space on the news feed of every user is limited to a point, no longer every post of your page reaches your follower. In fact, only 16 % of your followers will find your post in their newsfeed. Another story is the rise of Ad-Blockers, du to them all kinds of online ads are no longer visible for potential customers.

This brings us to the benefits of personal messages. On Messenger, you’re able to send a personal message which will at least reach every subscriber, messages via Messenger are opened at a rate of over 80 %. This way you generate real attention for your cause.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make the most out of your Facebook Community? According to Facebooks Privacy Policy, Facebook pages are not allowed to start personal interaction with users. Therefore, we added our Comments Watcher. With this tool Chatvisor helps you initiating interaction with users who comment on your Facebook posts! Facebook allows sending personal messages to people who comment on your posts.

Grow with our Comments Plugin

One of the best use cases for our Comments Watcher is posting a raffle. To be able to win, users need to comment on your post. This way you generate interaction, which ultimately helps you grow your community / number of subscribers.

Here we have a raffle (we’ll change the German screenshots). In our application, you can find the Comments Watcher under [Community > Grow > Comments Watcher]. There you’re able to track one, some or all (any) posts of your page for users. When tracking specific posts, you simply pick the post you want to generate users from by choosing it in the drop down list.

Then you add a personal message which will be sent to everyone who comments on this post. Since we posted a raffle, you could for example thank for participating and/or wish the best of luck. This text is important, because it is your special chance to reach the commenter personally. You want to use this message to ask whether he wants to get Messenger news/receive your best offers in the future. Moreover you can add an action which automatically adds the user to your subscriber list in case he answers positively to your personal message in Messenger.

Every user that comments will get your previously defined message in combination with a reference of the post he commented on:

Since you defined a sketchy or lovely message, the user will reply and say “yes” (or other keywords which will trigger the action). This question is implemented by adding buttons to Messenger, so there’s no typing needed.

Let’s take a closer look on the available actions. When creating a Comments Watcher you can enable actions in step 3. There you’ll have three options:

  1. Ask for a Subscription (allows you to set another question like “do you really want to subscribe?” and adds y/n buttons to the chat)
  2. Subscribe to a Category (instantly makes the user a subscriber when answering with e. g. “yes”)
  3. Send Articles (instead of acquiring subscribers you can respond with text and articles)

In this little showcase we’re using the “Ask for a Subscription” option:

you can ask the y/n-question. As a message, you should add a y/n-question like: “do you want us to inform you about our future price games and news within Messenger?”. By adding the {firstname} or {lastname} tag, you can give your message a personal touch.

Choose for what categories you want to offer a subscription – in the screenshot we only have “News”. It is also possible to offer more categories in one offer, these will be displayed as swipe-able widgets having a “Subscribe”-button.

In the Receiver section, you can choose to whom the message should be sent. Under “Customers” you choose your recipients in person, under “Subscribed Category” whole subscriber groups and under “Customer Group” on behalf of your individual created customer groups (VIP customers, etc.).

Congrats! Now you should be able to make the most out of your Facebook community by generating subscribers through comments! We hope, this how-to helped solving your questions – in case there are any left, feel free to ask for support.

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