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January 8, 2018

Facebook Messenger Codes and their benefits for your marketing

I’m sure you have seen them already somewhere: Facebook Messenger Codes aka Referral Codes. Truth be told, they work exactly like normal QR-Codes or Snapcodes and are simply pictures that contain a certain link.

Messenger Codes make it easy for your users to send you messages. They can be scanned using the Messenger app and will let your users start a conversation with you in Messenger.

To find your Messenger Code go to Community –> Grow –> Referrals where your personal Referral Code is shown at the bottom. Click save and publish it wherever your users might find it to let them easily get into a conversation with you (e.g. your website or profile picture, newspapers, business cards, flyers etc.)

Instead of your Messenger Code you can also publish your Messenger username or the link shown right beneath your Messenger Code. All of them will lead your users to your Messenger.

BONUS: Custom Messenger Codes Chatvisor enables you to create additional Messenger Codes (or links). You can name each of these codes (e.g. an event name) and will get detailed analytics on how often each Messenger Code was scanned. This is particularly useful to analyse the effect of different advertising media.

Get your Messenger Code now and let your users get into a conversation with you!

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