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February 1, 2018


Chatvisor allows you to connect with your customers in Facebook Messenger. Our software extends Messenger with a subscriber model, so you can market and provide news in Messenger. Getting users to subscribe while causing no additional work is one of our main targets.

Therefore, we developed Growth Tools to automatically lead Facebook users to your Messenger channel. One of the most effective tools in that regard is the Comment Watcher - which we will take a closer look at in this post.

Gain Subscribers

The so-called Comment Watcher makes use of Facebook’s option to answer post comments directly in Messenger. Pages usually can’t initiate conversations with private users, except the user comments a post or sends a message in Messenger.

That means when you generate comments on your page, you’ll get chances to open private conversations. Our implementation allows you to set a general answer which will be sent to each commenter. You should include a question whether the user wants to subscribe to your Messenger news or not.

Chatvisor recognizes when the user replies positively and adds the user to your subscriber list. This will allow you to send Broadcasts/Newsletters in Messenger to them.

By now you might have already realized that Facebook price games/raffles are a great way to gain subscribers. You want the user to comment. This is why it is important to make “leaving a comment” part of the condition to have a winning chance.

Broadcasting / Newsletter

Our platform handles your content as articles, one article consists out of image, title, description, link and optionally price/date. The Broadcast function allows you to put together your newsletter by combining your articles and adding a text message. This newsletter can then be sent to your subscribers.

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