Why Messenger Marketing is 'the next big thing'

March 25, 2018

The „Battle of Awareness“ goes into the next round – why Messenger Marketing is the logic next step in digital marketing!

A successful marketer should ask himself every day from new: where lies the awareness of my potential customers and target groups really? Due to the constant change in digital marketing this question isn’t answered easily – or is it?

The past showed, that you’ll reach your goals, when you’re able to identify trends and therefore chances in an early stage. In this article I want to share, why I’m convinced that currently there is an opportunity just like that out there.

Why Messenger Marketing is “the next big thing”

Human communication changed drastically in the past years. With the comprehensive spread of smartphones, it didn’t take long that instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp emerged. Unlike in the past, where you called friends and family to catch up to them, you managing daily communication by texting in these apps today.

Because of that it’s not surprising that even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says: “Messaging is the only thing people do more than social networking.”

The relevance of these channels is naturally measurable. Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp are getting used actively by pretty much a sixth of the world’s population and still rise. The following graphic describes the daily usage of Messaging Apps:

It seems that it isn’t too hard to find out that society’s awareness lies in these channels. This results in one legitimate question: why companies aren’t using Messenger Marketing so far? – because there were no adequate tools to offer proper functionality!

This is the reason why we developed Chatvisor – with our solution we’re making sure, that leading marketers can use the channels Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp successfully.

Stay tuned for practical tips on how you add Messenger as a channel into your marketing mix, how you gather subscribers in an effective way and how you’re developing Messenger as a great brand communication tool. All that will follow in our next blogpost. Remember, the “Battle of Awareness” is heading into the next round!

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