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March 29, 2018

Comment Watcher

To better understand the system of our Comment Watcher, here a visualization of all relationships and flows:


The user comments your Facebook Post (which can be a raffle) on your Facebook Page. When your page is connected with Chatvisor, our platform receives notifications from Facebook always then, when a user comments one of your postings. Have you additionally created a Comment Watcher to screen a certain post, our platform replies to commenting users with a text message you previously defined.

Facebook Raffle

From a legal perspective you need to consider your country’s laws regarding Telecommunications Act (TA). Speaking for Europe/the EU, most legislations require an opt-in from user before you send any commercial content.

Usually the participation conditions are: “… to participate at our raffle, comment this post …”. When commenting, the user concludes a contract. So far so good.

Now, it would be interesting, to use the Comment Watcher to ask every single user, who participated if he wants to subscribe to your Messenger news. This offer is due to TA regulations considered as advertising without opt-in. To get this opt-in, you might think about adding a passage to your raffle participation conditions – here opinions are split within lawyers and final holdings due to a supreme court are still missing.

Therefore we’re presenting in this blogpost three alternative – legally 100 % conform - ways of gaining users to subscribe with raffles: 1) Messenger raffle 2) Raffle with newsletter keyword 3) Raffle with instant win

1) Messenger Raffle

Due to the change in Facebook’s algorithms regarding reach in combination with click baiting, Facebook raffles no longer push a page’s reach. Since it’s the final goal to reach people with content, you should focus on getting as many people as possible into your Messenger channel.

An alternative approach is, to host the raffle within Messenger. The announcement could read as following: “under all Messenger subscribers there will be raffled a price”. To create awareness for the raffle, you can publish an informative Facebook Post, where you should add the “Send Message” button:


How does the user become a Messenger subscriber this way? By clicking the “Send Message” button, the user will be redirected to Messenger. Chatvisor recognizes, that the user got redirected and can specifically react by asking the user to subscribe.

2) Raffle with Keyword

Another opportunity is, to host a raffle, where you announce that you’re offering Messenger news. Moreover, you make clear that users can initiate an opt-in by adding a certain “#keyword” to their comment. This could look just like that:


When set up right, the Comment Watcher recognizes the addition of the keyword in the comment and initiates a message in Messenger. By using keywords it is assured that the user commits to the message in Messenger.

So, if a user adds the keyword, he’ll receive a question whether he wants to subscribe or not. In case of a positive answer, he’ll become a Messenger subscriber.

3) Raffle with Instant Win

Following scenario: a basic Facebook raffle gets hosted. In the announcement text will be published, that every participant will receive a personal instant win in Messenger. As a instant win a coupon or coupon code for your web shop are a likely option. This way, you won’t generate subscriber on Messenger, but ensure conversions through your web shop.

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