Feature Release: Flows

May 3, 2018

With Flows, Chatvisor allows more interactivity in chat. “Flows” are sequences which are similar to a decision tree and allow users to shape the conversation by making decisions. This leads to a way more personal and interactive user experience and ensures that subscribers only receive content they’re really interested in.

In the app you can find Flows in the main menu and on various other points like after actions and broadcasts. The section in the main menu allows you to create and save certain flows to use them more than just once. Flows basically consist of components which you can use to build your very own decision tree.


The various components:

  1. “Text” component – allows the insertion of plain text messages (of course also emojis). Optionally you can add up to three buttons to this text message. Each one of them can trigger a new message sequence, link to a website or allow a call.

  2. Articles component – your previously added articles (in Articles menu) can be sent here. They’ll be displayed in a carousel (slideshow).

  3. “Image” component – here you can add an image.

  4. “Video” component – here you can add a video.

  5. “Audio” component – here you can add an audio file.

  6. “File” component – here you can add a file.

  7. “Categories to subscribe” component – you can offer the user to subscribe more or certain categories.

  8. “User input” component – this allows you to ask the user for further information like email, phone number, post code or even let him answer a questionnaire. In the future these inputs should also be of use for targeting purposes.

You can find the different message blocks of your decision tree on the left side. When you don’t want to create a flow and rather send a conventional newsletter, then you only need to take care of the “initial” message block.

A plain newsletter is not enough for you – you want flows? Here we prepared a simple use case to show how you could use flows.

You have three new blogposts to the topics A, B and C. Instead of sending all three posts to all your subscribers without knowing whether they are really interested or have time at the moment of reception, you can leave the decision to see more on their side. In text, this could look like that:

“*Hi {firstname}, this week we added some new blog posts to the topics A, B and C. In these blog posts we show you for example how you’re … . Is this something you’d like to learn more?*”

  1. Yes, of course! :)”
  2. Not sure yes” :-/
  3. Thanks, not his time.


The concept to ask the user for “permission” in advance is called permission marketing. This is very effective – why? This way the subscriber does not feel like he gets presented your information in a top-down manner. He’ll have the feeling to decide by himself which information he gets and which not. This way he’s part of the process what leads to trust and positive brand awareness.

You, as a creator of flows, have now the choice to add separate reply blocks for each of the buttons, the user can choose from.


  1. Great, we’re happy to hear that! 😊 Here are the links to our blog articles. Have fun reading!” 😊
  2. Alright then – in case you eventually want to read the blog articles, just scroll up and hit the “Yes, of course!” button!” 😊
  3. Oh, alright. We hope our next blog post will be a better fit topic-wise!” 😊


On the phone this could look like that:


You could build up this flow to the infinite. For example, you could add to answer no. 3 a “User Input” to ask the user what topics he’d be interested.

Altogether we can say, that flows enable a huge number of new opportunities and use cases to let you be creative. Whether it’s for:

  • Simple content marketing
  • Extended performance marketing
  • Promotions of new products and sale
  • Market investigation and polls
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service

… or other use cases no one thought about to this day. There are now limitations to your creativity.

Because of that, build flows, use them. Bring value to your subscribers and you’ll succeed.

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