Creating newsletter categories and articles

May 5, 2018

Creating newsletter categories and articles is actually pretty simple. So lets start with why you would want to create categories and articles in the first place and look at the how to in a second step.

Benefits of creating newsletter categories:

  • Creating value for subscribers as they have the opportunity to select which topics they would like to get news about and which not.
  • Opportunity for you to learn more about your customers preferences
  • Makes it easy for you to create target/ interest groups
  • Makes it easy for you to create relevant content for your target groups


Benefits of creating articles

To understand the value of articles we first need to clarify what an article actually is. An article is not more than a link a desired website. You can choose the title, photo and the deposited URL. With articles you can send people to every desired website with only One click!

You can use this to:

  • Promote relevant blogposts in your messenger community
  • Promote relevant YouTube videos in your messenger community
  • Promote relevant product launches
  • Promote relevant price reductions and discounts
  • Etc.


Now. How do you do that? To create categories and articles just click on the button “articles”. You find it at the top of you dashboard.

Now click on “create new category” – type in the title and done. Easy. You find the list of categories on the left side.

To create an article click on “create new article”. Now type in the title. Copy and paste the URL you want the link to. Upload your desired cover picture and done. You find your created article in the middle of your dashboard.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said. Plain and simple – but effective. Now use it to create value and relevance for your subscribers and you will win as a natural result.

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