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May 10, 2018

In this blogpost we will show you 4 different ways to grow your subscriber base for your Messenger newsletter. We can collect subscribers from your website, your existing email list, your Facebook fanbase and directly at the point of sale (POS). To do this we need 3 growth tools.

  1. “Send to Messenger” plugin
  2. Facebook Messenger Code / Referral Code
  3. Comment Watcher


Grow you subscriber base through traffic from your website

In order to do this the only thing, you have to do is implementing our “send to messenger” plugin at the desired place of your website and set the desired after action.



Grow you subscriber base through messenger codes on point of sales

If you have a business with actual offline touch point with your customer you can use referral codes to gain subscribers. Just create your messenger code, print it on paper and set the after action “ask for subscription”.

In “Grow > New Growth Tool > Referral” you can create a new Facebook Messenger Code. Messenger Codes look like this … and can be scanned with the Messenger App.


Now use the messenger code on point of sales and provide a little benefit for your customers as a reward for scanning your code and subscribing to your newsletter.

Grow your subscriber base through your existing email newsletter base

You already have ten thousands of subscribers on your email list. Perfect. We can use them to transfer at least a good amount of them to your new messenger newsletter. Why would you want that? Email newsletters have an average open rate around 20 - 25 % and an average click rate of 2 - 4 %. With messenger marketing you can achieve open rates beyond 90 % and click rates between 15 - 50 %. This is actually pretty common. So, by transferring subscribers from your email list to your new messenger newsletter list you have the ability to reach them more efficiently.

How you do it? Just send a newsletter to your existing email list and tell them about your new messenger newsletter. Show them how exactly they benefit from subscribing and what they miss if they don´t. You can create a premium club, … whatever. Just show them the value of subscribing.

Then add the link behind the referral code in your newsletter and tell them to please click it. (call to action)


Before you send the newsletter to your email list define the desired “action afterwards”. Choose “ask for subscription”. Done.

Grow your subscriber base through your existing Facebook fanbase with Chatvisor’s Comment Watcher

There are many different use cases to use Chatvisor’s Comment Watcher. The most popular one is in combination with a Facebook raffle. So first. Create a raffle on Facebook with a valuable price. Remember. You want to create as many comments as possible, so choose your price wisely. As a condition to participate people need to comment.

Now set up the comment watcher.

  1. Click on “specific post” and select the Facebook Post with the raffle.



  1. Choose the text people should get when they comment. Remember you want to gain subscribers for your newsletter. So after thanking your fan for their participation ask them if they want to subscribe for your messenger newsletter and tell which keyword they need to type in in order to do so. (“Yes” or something similar)

If you want to only send this text to people who have not been texted by the comment watcher uncheck the first box. As you only want to text people who have not subscribed yet you want to tick that box off.

If you only want to send the message to people who commented you post with a specific key word tick off the second box. You can use that if you want. But you don’t need to.

  1. Add the desired action afterwards. What you want to do here is to type a couple variations of your keyword (yes, yesss, yeah, yeay, (y), …) and select the action afterwards. Choose “ask for subscription. Type in your text and choose the categories people should be able to choose from. Save the comment watcher. Done.


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