#2 How to generate your first 1000 subscribers!

July 2, 2018

Alright! The Sloth Company has now successfully connected to Chatvisor and is ready to start their Messenger Marketing. This means we have reached Step 2 in our “How-To” Series. In this part we will take a look at how we generate our first 1000 subscribers.

Let’s just quickly take a look at our different steps:

  1. How to connect your Facebook Page to Chatvisor
  2. How to generate your first 1000 Subscribers
  3. How to send your first Broadcast
  4. How you can use “Advanced Growth Tools” for your company
  5. How you can create interest groups and target them specifically
  6. How you can build Sequences and your Funnel

To get your first 1000 subscribers and make your community grow we need to take a look at three important factors and implement them.

  1. We have to use all possible Growth Tools.
  2. We have to actively promote the Messenger.
  3. We have to clearly communicate the value people have from subscribing to our Messenger newsletter.

Activating all Growth Tools

The Beginner Package offers three different Growth Tools. All three of them operate on the same principle. User are picked up via the different channels and brought into the Messenger. Here we get the GDPR compliant Double Opt-In. We do that by asking people whether they want to sign up and if yes, which categories they are most interested in.

The available Growth Tools are:

Comment Watcher

The comment watcher offers the possibility to automatically contact people who comment certain Facebook-Postings via Messenger. Here, a high number of comments is critical to gaining lots of subscribers.

The easiest way to get lots of comments are Facebook price games.

You need the following three steps to connect the Comment Watcher to the competition:

  • plan a competition which generates a lot of comments (e. g. big win)
  • define the text which the participants should get in the Messenger
  • define the possible newsletter categories

Keyword „Start“

This keyword is awesome, since it can be promoted via all existing Channels, like Facebook, Instagram, via Influencers, Email, Youtube, Tv Spots, …


People just need to open the “SLOTH Company” chat and type “start”.

“Send to Messenger”-Button

The “Send to Messenger” Button is a Plugin which can be added on your Website. It allows you to convert website visitors to Messenger subscribers, for example people that read your blogposts.


The following tutorial shows how the “Send to Messenger” button is integrated.

Actively promote your Messenger

As in every channel you want to build a community you need to market the Messenger as well. It is useful to actively support Facebook price games (with Comment Watcher integration) with marketing budget.

If your company is working with Influencers, then they can actively promote the Keyword “start”. The Facebook Cover photo can be used as promotion space. Existing Email newsletter subscribers can be informed about the Messenger Community.

These are just a couple of ideas. Get creative an promote your Messenger community!

Communicate a clear value

Lastly, it is really important to clearly communicate why your Messenger newsletter is valuable. Nobody wants to be a part of a spambot. It is important to still peoples fear and clearly state what they can expect and why they should sign up.

You could for example offer exclusive competitions, exclusive coupons, access to exclusive content, interactive quizzes or something entirely different.

Think about what you want to represent in Messenger and why your subscribers need this. After this communicate it clearly and active.

So, to summarise you have learned the following now:

  • How to effectively use the Comment Watcher, Auto Responder and “Send to Messenger” Buttons to get subscribers.

  • Why it is important to actively promote the Messenger.

  • And why it is important to clearly communicate the advantage of your Messenger newsletter.

The next Blogpost will show you how to send your first Broadcast to your new subscribers. Stay tuned! 😉

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