How BMW used a chatbot to generate leads at the MotoGP

September 10, 2018

When it comes to generating Leads at events, our partner BMW Austria presented a very good way to do it. BMW had a presence at this year’s MotoGP in Spielberg and used a Chatbot to generate leads. In exchange for peoples contact information they offered a free test drive with their desired BMW vehicle or BMW Motorrad motorcycle.


In execution BMW hired hostesses who directed peoples’ attention to the offer. In order to start the Chatbot, interested visitors had to scan a Messenger Code directly at the BMW exhibition area.

Since Messenger Codes are not that popular yet the hostess was very important to assist and offer guidance.

Welcome Message

After scanning the Code an inquiry flow automatically started within the Messenger. In this flow people were asked about their Email address, phone number and had to confirm legal agreements.

Welcome Message

After the formalities were out of the way the bot came to the fun part – letting people choose the desired vehicle for their test drive! They could decide whether they want to test drive a BMW vehicle, motorcycle, or both – which series they are interested in and which specific model they prefer.

Welcome Message

After people chose their desired vehicle the bot thanked and kindly wished them a great time at the MotoGP.

Learnings & Conclusions:
  • In general, people were surprisingly comfortable to give away their contact info in Messenger. This shows, that there is little concern regarding the safety of their private data in Messenger.

  • Not everybody uses the Facebook Messenger, or has it installed on their smartphone. This meant we had to think of possible solutions for the future – and we found one. 😉 In case people don’t have the Messenger installed we will be able to offer a simple alternative where people don’t have to download anything. They will simply scan a QR code and follow the same inquiry flow within our neutral Chatvisor webchat!

  • Lastly, we learned that it is important to specify exactly what people can expect from the offer. At the MotoGP people thought they could do the test drive right there at the Red Bull Ring – when really the offer was for the BMW dealership closest to their home! Our learning – next time we need to phrase the offer even more precisely.

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