How Messenger helps you increase your online sales

September 10, 2018

After years of companies being overly focused on their offline sales figures and more or less leaving their online sales figures to rot, most companies have now realised that they have to increase their online sales figures to stay relevant on the market.

Because of the unstoppable advance of Websites and Facebook Pages it is important for your company to stay dynamic and agile when it comes to your customers.

Recently, Early Adopter of Messenger Marketing have seen incredible results with their online sales through Messenger. If you, too, are looking for ways to increase your online sales you might want to dive deeper into this topic!

In this Blogpost you will learn:

  • How you can acquire new customers through Messenger,
  • how existing customers can help you acquire new customers,
  • how offering special experiences in Messenger helps your word of mouth advertising and
  • how Messenger helps you build strong Customer Relations.

Before we dive deeper into the topic we first need to clarify what Messenger Marketing actually is.

In short you can think of it as similar to Email marketing. It’s an easy and fast way to directly talk to your customers. Additionally, it gives you a way to offer promotions at the right time and incentivise purchases.

The high open and click rates averaging at around 90 and 20 per cent, respectively, certainly help in the conversion process! 😉

There are 3 ways to effectively increase online sales through Messenger:

  • Acquiring new Customers
  • Using loyal Customers
  • Building strong Customer Relations

Aquiring new Customers

Acquiring new customers through messenger works similar to acquiring new customers via Email marketing. First, you build a subscriber base in Messenger, you then nurture them through valuable content and offer the right promotion at the right time.

In Messenger, new subscribers can be collected from every channel you already have an audience in. With our Growth Tools you can help people subscribe directly from your Website, your Facebook Page, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and even from Offline Channels like Trade Fairs, events, your brick and mortar store, etc.

Now that we have a loyal subscriber base we need to nurture them and provide value. The best way to do that is to organise your customers in interest groups. Based on the content you are sending and how people interacted with it you can segment your audience into interest and target groups.

Once you found out what your subscribers’ care about and how you can help them, you can specifically send them relevant promotions and incentivise them becoming a customer.

A great example for sending relevant promotions is the Haid Center. They had wine and champagne on sale, and instead of just popping the promotion into people’s faces, they wrapped it in a cool story. They started out by asking their community whether they are planning to party this weekend and depending on how people answered, the conversation was shaped differently.

Use loyal customers

Once you have a loyal customer base they can help you acquiring new customers by word of mouth. For this you need incentives that are worth sharing.

The following are some great examples on how Messenger can help you with that:

  • Exclusive Messenger Coupons: Offer your most loyal customers exclusive monthly or weekly Coupon Codes combined with Promotions. These can help you in word of mouth advertising for one, and having your customer buy from you again.

  • Exclusive content/Prize Games: Offering your subscribers exclusive content or prize games is another easy way to make your messenger activities special and to help your subscribers spread word about it to friends and family.

  • Premium Messenger Club: Offer a club for loyal customers that have brought you new customers. Here, they receive additional promotions, offers and special bonuses. Premium clubs are a great way to strengthen the connection between you and your customer.

These have been three easy ways to encourage your loyal customer base to get referrals and spread the word about your Messenger Services with their friends and family. Of course, there are dozens more.

Just get creative and think about ways to make your Messenger Service special and an experience worth sharing!

Building strong Customer Relations

Customer Relations means emotional connection. The stronger the emotional connection between you and your customer, the stronger the Customer Relation.

A great way to build and strengthen the emotional connection is by creating experiences that trigger emotions. Here are two ideas on how Messenger can help:

  • Create a Messenger Quiz to win special experiences: Imagine your company is a partner of a big event (football, skiing, other sports, music, culture, …) and you have some tickets to give away. Try this. Do a Messenger Quiz with 12 questions and 3 options to answer. Out of the people who got all the answers right, you raffle off two tickets. At the event you create a cool story around the winners’ experience and share it back to your Messenger community. Just imagine the joy you spread!

  • Scavenger Hunt: Promote a little scavenger hunt on a certain day, like a holiday. Locations like a shopping centre or any other restricted area work great for that! Use Messenger or QR Codes to communicate your riddles. If you choose a price worth chasing and combine the scavenger hunt with an amazing after party, you have a great basis for a highly emotional event.

To summarise what you have learned today:

  • Acquiring new customers through Messenger works similar to how it does in Email marketing. Messenger is just more effective.

  • Wrapping your promotions in a story is the perfect way to not come across spammy and to reach the right people at the right time.

  • Offering exclusive content/promotions/prize games, etc. make your Messenger Service special, help you spread the word and acquire new customers.

  • Creating special experiences like Messenger quizzes or scavenger hunts strengthens the emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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