How the Haid Center achieved 71% Click-through-rate on a promotion

September 11, 2018

An integral part of Messenger Marketing is the interactive aspect. People love pressing buttons and being asked before receiving promotions or offers. A great way to do this is by packing a promotion into a little story and offering subscribers a unique experience in Messenger.

This is how our partner the Haid Center did this.


The Haid Center wanted to show their subscribers a special offer they had on wines and sparkling wines. By using the Messenger Newsletter, they hoped to have more interaction with their customers – and it worked.

Instead of just popping the wine and champagne offer into people’s faces they wrapped the promotion in a cool story. They simply asked their community whether they are planning to party this weekend.

Depending on how people answered the conversation shaped differently. This way people could decide for themselves if they want to learn more about the promotion or not.

They were in control and part of the conversation, which made the them feel worshipped and generated a feeling of trust and affection.

The following Screenshots show this flow in detail.

Haid Center

How well this works? Well let’s take a look at the numbers. Out of all the recipients, more than 97 % opened the broadcast and more than 71 % clicked it through. This means more than 71 % of their subscribers interacted with the broadcast.

If you compare this to any other piece of content on any other platform – where would more than 71 % of your audience actually engage with your content?

You won’t find this. You won’t find it in Email. You won’t find it on Facebook. But you will find it in Messenger.

The reason is that people are done with being talked AT them. They want to be part of the conversation. That’s exactly what Messenger does.

A second time the Haid Center used this tactic was when C & A had their “Final Sale”. Again, they asked the people whether they wanted to know more about the offer. Here you can see the short flow:

Flow C&A

The results of the second Broadcast? Again, a whopping 92 % open rate and an impressive 63 % of subscribers clicked through.

Learnings & Conclusions:

  • Short Messages with personal language help you interact better with your customers.
  • Connecting promotional offers with interactive elements like buttons make your offers more dynamic and interesting for the customers.
  • People prefer having a say in whether they receive any kind of promotional offers and are more likely to interact with it / read it if they can choose.
  • By wrapping your promotions in a cool story your customer is more intrigued and less likely to disregard your offer on principle.

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