How to increase your open rates

September 16, 2018

Sending Email newsletters is easy, fast and most companies do it daily. But most of our customers are rapidly losing interest in these kinds of newsletters. So, how can we as a company send newsletters, that are interesting and appealing enough for our customers to really open and click them?

Luckily for us there are a few easy steps to increase your newsletter open rate and to build a good connection to your customers. Here are 5 tips to stop your newsletters from being deleted and increase open & click rates:

  • Choose an interesting subject line
  • Have the right timing
  • Talk WITH your customers
  • Segment customers in interest groups
  • Use Messenger newsletter services

Tip No. 1: Choose an interesting subject line

The first thing your customer sees of your newsletter is the subject line. It’s important for you to have a short concise subject line, that draws your customer in. If the subject line is boring or too long your customer will lose interest. It should also set clear expectations about the content people can expect. Additionally, leave it simple and don´t use too many exclamation marks.

Here some best practice examples:

  • The timer’s going off on your cart! - King Arthur Flour
  • Don’t Open This Email* - Manicube
  • What Can You Afford? - Zillow

Tip No. 2: Have the right timing

You have probably been there already. You open your Email program and find an Email that just fits perfectly into your life right now. Be it a newsletter from your supermarket containing recipes when you are just about to cook lunch or something similar.

Of course, it is rather hard for us marketers to precisely plan these moments in advance, but you can send Emails at certain points in time, when they are more likely to be read.

This means you have to take a look at your customers habits and think about the time when they are more likely to look at their Emails. This might depend on your business sector. But there are different studies that show the perfect time to send an Email would be between 10 am and 12 noon.

Tip No. 3: Talk WITH your customers, not AT them

Think about it. You are much more likely to open an Email that is directed at you, personally, than one that, for example says, “Dear customer!”. By doing personalised Emails you increase the customers feeling of importance. They, in turn, will be more likely to open the next few mails you send.

But don’t fear! You won’t have to write every single Email for every single customer yourself, there are already some smart solutions built into your Email program.


This is a great example by Runtastic! They speak to their client directly, have a short and to the point subject line and we know immediately what we can expect!

Tip No. 4: Segment your customers

What do you think? Are your male customers interested in the newest types of stockings you have to offer? Or are your older customers more interested in buying skateboards or, say, hiking boots?

As you can see, it’s important to watch out for what type of content you send to whom.

Of course, it’s easier to send one Email to every recipient and just hope for the best. To be fair, you would save time, but you would definitely loose some subscribers or even lessen your revenue by doing this.

To avoid that divide your customers into logical segments, be it age, gender or interests, and send them specific content. This also ties back in with talking WITH your customers, not AT them.


Use Messenger newsletter services

But! Did you know that there is something new and interesting on the market, where you average around 90 % open and 20 % click rates? We are speaking of Messenger Marketing!

Messenger Marketing – as the name suggests – is a type of marketing that works with Messenger services like the Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp. It offers you an easy way to reach your audience, stay connected to them and offer exclusive new content, promotions, et cetera.

Messenger newsletters make it possible to easily gain subscribers without them having to fill out forms or something similar. The opt-in process is done directly within Messenger.

It also offers different features to stay connected and to have the customer interact with your company. The interactivity of Messenger newsletters lets your audience decide which content they want to see and which ones they don’t.

This way, people only receive the content they are really interested in, which makes your newsletter personal and interesting. Or you can offer them a new way to interact with you, like this example from Disney!


Something quite sweet for every Marketing Director: Messenger Marketing offers open rates of 90 % on average. Something traditional Marketing methods just can’t pull off.

Additionally, well-engineered Messenger marketing providers offer possibilities to automate processes, which means customers still have the feeling of personal interaction, but the company’s effort is not more than when sending newsletters per Email.

What you have learned today:

  • Customers are less and less likely to open Email Newsletters.
  • The subject line is your friend! Impress your customer with an interesting subject line and your newsletter becomes more interesting in an instant.
  • Segmenting your customers into interest groups helps you in targeting them effectively.
  • Messenger newsletters are a new way to keep your audience updated about the latest news, promotions, prize games, etc. and offer you open rates beyond 80-90 %.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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