Messenger Marketing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

September 17, 2018

One of the most important factors in today’s business world is fast, uncomplicated and easy communication. This is especially true for communication between businesses and their customers.

But how is this possible? How can you, as a company, initiate contact with your customers and hold this contact? How do you effectively send newsletters and make it possible to quickly react with the right resources if a customer has a problem? And how do you maintain a professional and competent persona while doing this?

One of the easiest ways for you to achieve all this and more is the use of Messengers like the Facebook Messenger. They are easy to use and have a huge number of users! Today, we will take a closer look at the most important advantages (and disadvantages) Messenger Marketing offers.


+ Pros

Simplicity & versatility

The biggest advantage Messenger offers is the simplicity and versatility with which you can communicate. Instead of using stiff formats like Email or even telephone you suddenly have a whole new, fresh possibility to communicate.

A possibility that is more natural and more pleasant for your customer as well.


Messengers in the world of marketing are completely new and pristine. Not many companies use it to communicate with their customers, even less do it professionally.

This means you aren’t “fighting” every other company on the planet, but rather the Inbox is for you and a handful of other Early Adopters.

interactive message flows

A further advantage lies in the technology. Since Facebook Messenger (and most other messenger services) supports the use of Chatbots you can generate automatized message flows to reach your customers.

And by organising your customers in tags based on their interests you can accurately target your customers special interests – which makes them appreciate your newsletter even more!

But Chatbots can not only help you with message flows. No, these little bots can be programmed to take on many different tasks.

Imagine for example you are an airline. You could offer your customers the possibility to look for and book tickets right there in Messenger! All the customer does is enter a keyword. For example, “look for tickets” and then the flight dates. The bot does the hard work!


In case the bot doesn’t understand something, can send a short error message to the customer and then notify a human support member.

This, in turn makes it possible for your marketing team to save resources, since they no longer have to look at every single message they get, categorize it and answer it manually.

Automatic messages also lead to happy and satisfied customers, because they feel valued since their messages are answered quickly. Your customers can also shape the conversation in an interactive way by pressing buttons. They will surely love that!

- Cons

GDPR guidelines

But, everything great has a dark side – Messenger Marketing as well. One of the most important things to watch out for is compliance with the GDPR guidelines.

Since these guidelines are in place it is important for businesses to be informed and watch out. Storing your customers personal data without the necessary consent can lead to hefty fines. So, it’s important to be informed (Tip: Chatvisor, of course, operates according to GDPR guidelines😉)

Sceptisism towards new technology

Another downside is the populations general sceptisism towards new technology (like Chatbots and AI), because people are scared of being part of a scam or having their personal data stolen. This is natural, so you should think of ways to still your customers fear and convince them of the added value the Messenger brings.

Age group

Another factor is the age group. Of course, we can’t generalise, but as a rule of thumb it is better for Messenger Marketing to target a “younger” age group because they are more likely to accept and adapt to this marketing technique.


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In any case it is important to notice the significance for businesses to communicate with their customers over their preferred channels. By doing this, and especially by using Messenger services to communicate, you can easily strengthen the bond between your company and your customer.

So don’t hesitate and start using Messenger services for your company. Your customers will be amazed!

To quickly summarise what you have learned today:

  • The biggest advantage Messenger offers is the simplicity and versatility with which you can communicate.

  • Messenger and Chatbots can be used to take on many different tasks.

  • Automatic messages and quick responses lead to happy and satisfied customers.

  • Watch out for GDPR regulations.

  • Calculate on the populations sceptisism towards new technology.

  • Make sure your target group is within an adequate age group for this form of marketing.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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