Intersport´s Facebook Messenger Fitness Quiz

October 4, 2018

Today gaining your customers attention, keeping them engaged and building an emotional connection to your brand is getting more and more difficult. If a company loses relevance, it is going to lose customers real fast.

To counter this Intersport Austria thought of an easy and interesting way to engage their customers, doing a Facebook Messenger quiz.


To start, Intersport wanted their customers to engage with them on their Facebook page. They used Chatvisors comment watcher tool to start the conversation in Messenger.

A simple Facebook post asking, “How fit are you really?” did the trick. It successfully grabbed their target groups attention and guided them to the short 5 question Messenger quiz.

Here is how the questions looked like.


The fitness quiz created the perfect way for people to test their fitness knowledge, it positioned Intersport as THE fitness expert and it created a personal connection between company and customer. All at the same time.

At the end, people also had the opportunity to evaluate their performance and give feedback whether they would like to receive further quizzes. With more than 88 % saying they would love to have more, the feedback was quite impressive!


Learnings & Conclusion:
  • People love quizzes and content to engage with.
  • Quizzes allow you to position yourself as an expert.
  • Quizzes create emotional experiences leading to higher brand awareness.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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