Intersport´s Road to Public Hiking Day

October 5, 2018

Organising big events with your customers is cool and strengthens the bond between you and customer. But most of the time this registration process is a real hassle. The customer has to go to a website, enter their data, confirm the registration and wait for confirmation. Or worse – he has to fill in a paper form.

Intersport Austria found a smart and easy way around this problem.


In august Intersport Austria hosted a free public hiking day in 4 different Austrian hiking areas. Since everyone received a little surprise it was important to know the approximate number of participants. So, one had to register.

Intersport made this registration process easy with the help of two tools – the Comment Watcher and a Messenger Code.

To use the comment watcher they posted an info post on their Facebook page. For all non German speaking people, it basically says “if you want to participate at the next INTERSPORT hiking day, leave a comment and sign up in Messenger”.

Facebook Post

After commenting the Messenger opened and started a message flow. The same message flow was generated when people scanned the Messenger code.

The Messenger code was distributed everywhere people would see it, for example in shops, parks or on posters.

This is what the interaction in Messenger looked like.

Hike Flow

To complete registration you had to enter your Email adress and phone number in the Messenger. Afterwards you received a confirmation and were asked whether you wanted to receive additional information leading up to the hike.

Additional information

In the weeks leading up to the chosen date Intersport offered three different Broadcasts to their customers. They where intended to hype the participants up.

The first one, as you can see in the following screenshots, offered information on participating celebrities. The second one showed the route that would be hiked and motivated the participants further.

The third and last Broadcast one day before the hike offered detailed information regarding meeting point and time and a short message of what could be expected! It also included specifics regarding distance, difficulty and duration.

Additional Info

Learnings & Conclusion:
  • Most people have already saved their Email address and phone number in Facebook.
  • This makes registration easy and uncomplicated!
  • Offering additional information in Messenger is a great way to make sure every participant is well informed.

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