Case Study - KRONEHIT

October 8, 2018

KRONEHIT is the biggest private radio station in Austria with 835.000 daily listeners (Radiotest 2018_2, GfK/Akordata) and has a huge community on social media. However, they experienced the effects of ongoing algorithm changes and felt like they didn´t use their full potential. KRONEHIT decided to invest into Messenger marketing and turned to Chatvisor for help. In just 1.5 months, KRONEHIT built a significant 4-digit subscriber base with average click rates of 49 % on their daily broadcasts.

KRONEHIT, the biggest private radio station in Austria, is always on the look to improve their ways of engagement with the community. Even though their Facebook community of 500k+ followers is rather active, they experienced the effects of ongoing algorithm changes.

„We are very active on social. Facebook, Instagram, TIK TOK/, WhatsApp. We use it all. Despite that we felt like we didn´t use its full potential. Especially on Facebook where we have more than 500k followers.”

Using socials full potential

„Chatvisor caught our attention, because we’re always looking for ways to improve how we’re interacting with our community. We assumed, that if people already use Facebook Messenger, they may be more “click affine” to read our messages and click the links to our website. When Chatvisor offered a free trial, we just gave it a shot.”

The goal of the test was to create traffic to KRONEHITs website, starting with the community they built on Facebook.

In preparation for the test, Chatvisor´s success team helped KRONEHIT to get up and running.

“The support from the Chatvisor guys was outstanding. They helped us to set up our first comment watcher, gain the first couple of thousand subscribers and send our first broadcast.”

Even though click rates were below KRONEHITs expectation they saw the potential in the Facebook Messenger service.

Getting started

“Right after the demo period, we did our calculations. We analyzed open rates, click rates, made an extrapolation of costs per click (CPC) and evaluated other suppliers. Although the other suppliers offered the same basic messaging service, Chatvisor had an advanced feature set, that better met the demands of our messaging concept. Also, the support of the guys was great.”

With the help of Chatvisor´s onboarding team KRONEHIT started their first campaign around their “Money-Mix”.


“Several times a day we play one or more songs of our “money mix playlist”. When recognized, listeners need to call us and can win up to 10.000 €. To offer our Messenger community an advantage we daily provide them with the exact hours in which the money mix songs will be played.”


Exceeding Targets with Chatvisor

Results were pretty ordinary in the first days. Especially click rates of around 10 % were lower than what KRONEHIT expected. Luckily, they decided to stick with it and optimize, so clicks quickly improved to 20 - 30 %.

“What we really liked with the guys of Chatvisor was how they dealt with problems. They were honest and straight forward. Whenever something wasn´t working how it should, we were immediately informed. Sometimes even before we noticed the problem ourselves. Issues were always solved quickly.”

“A real game changer was when we started tagging. We felt a daily broadcast could be annoying for some people. That´s why we started asking our community whether they would like to continue receiving the Money-Mix Alarm info or not.

We then used that information to exclude people who were not interested. This doubled our click rate to more than 65 %. Once we even had click rates beyond 100% which is crazy. We are already planning the next campaign and hopefully keep up the good rates.”

Next Steps

After experiencing how well their community responds, KRONEHIT plans to go big. „We plan to further grow our Messenger community and aim to reach 100.000 subscribers by the end of Q2 2019.

“Furthermore, we plan to add fun use cases like exclusive Messenger competitions, promotions and quizzes to engage with.”

“What we would like Chatvisor to improve is their analytics and reporting.” Your wish is our command! 😉

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