Increase customer satisfaction of your car configurator.

October 30, 2018

Buying a car is the second most important investment in a human life after real estate. But the emotional journey for your customer to his dream car is paved with obstacles and it starts already with the online car configurator.

Everybody knows the struggle – configuring a car online is not easy, especially with all the possible features and combinations. If we then think about the typical new car buyer of a premium brand which is between 40 and 65 years old we can imagine how they feel during the configuration process. First choice to make is choosing the right model. When the customer overcomes this obstacle they stand unassisted in front of approx. 300.000 possible combinations with short feature descriptions which often leave them alone with a lot of questions and misinterpretations.


If you only could contact the customer now - support him through the jungle of choices and help him with configuring exactly the car tailored for his or her needs. With BrowsXP you have precisely this opportunity.

You can digitalize your customer journey with a 360 degree approach; create opportunities to enhance the customer experience and leave a sustainable impression of quality service.

BrowsXP offers you the possibility to let the customer share his screen with you. Our technology is extremely fast and performant and enables you to co-browse with your customer on your website in real time. Wherever he struggles you are there and you can also click for him if needed. This new touchpoint in your sales funnel can be used by a product genius or a dealer as a new way to consult your customer to find the right car for his needs. Use the upselling potential when you explain features personally with user stories as you get to know the customer better along your talk. Raise awareness for your aftersales products when you talk with him about his dream car. Tell him how the original services help his companion to stay in good shape. Close the configuration experience with a smile on his face instead of confusion and dissatisfaction.

You want to know more about the opportunities BrowsXP offers? Get your free live demo now and start to shape the future of customer experience.

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