Drive your B2B Automotive Sales Performance.

November 15, 2018

The average consumer visits a dealer showroom for purchasing a car once or twice during the purchase process. An average business consumer visits the showroom sometimes not even once. So how do you care for customers the dealer never sees? How can you guarantee also in the future with upcoming online car sales portals a first class user experience and state of the art service?

People matter.

At first of course you need the people. People who have the ability to deal with every customer – no matter how difficult. Sales people who know the strengths of your products in and out and can offer the customer the best advice. Nothing pays off more than a satisfied fleet customer.

Focus on the customer.

Then you need to set the focus of your people on quality service for your B2B Customers. Make life as easy as possible for them. Don’t stop at the car purchase with thinking ahead for your consumer – think beyond and look at the whole customer life cycle – does he need an easy possibility to change winter tires? Can you organize an on-site team which exchanges tires for the whole fleet in 2 days? Does he need a special aftersales product like a rooftop box? Be creative and look out for new opportunities.

Enable your people.

The third point is as important as all the above mentioned. Allow and encourage them to be more creative, to find new ways. Most important do not leave the chances that new technology offers you out of sight. Digitalization is not the killer for personal service – see it more as an opportunity to be there for your customer whenever he needs you. For example with BrowsXP – a new and game changing Co-Browsing tool.

It allows the customer to share the screen with you while surfing on your website, configuring their new fleet or just searching for the new aftersales component. The tool doesn’t require any download and does not slow down the speed of your website. It gives you the opportunity to see what your customer sees and for example give him a good advice on his current feature selection or step in when help is needed through the remote control possibility. It also offers customers to share the screen among them. When the employee needs the configuration of his new company car signed off, he can share his screen easily with his boss which may currently be on a business trip and go through it together.

BrowsXP is easily integrated on your website through a java script snippet which size is less than 20 KB. The security of the customer’s personal data and GDPR conformity is given by all time. Add BrowsXP to your online channel portfolio to provide the ideal way to support customers quickly and effectively. Take your customer support to the next level and enable your sales and support agents to offer personal service experience also online.