3 ways to enhance your Automotive Dealer CRM.

November 20, 2018

Entrepreneurial customer centricity is one of the key factors for automotive dealers to stay competitive and successful. In times where dealers need to adapt more and more to the digitalized world they often need support. What can you do to help your dealers?

Offer Digital Trainings.

Dealers are specialized and trained to sell cars - not to update websites. In bigger dealerships it’s easier to hire one dedicated person for all digital tasks, but what do you do with the medium and small sized businesses? Offer your dealers an in-house training day where you invite specialists to teach your dealers exactly the Know-How and the systems they need to use later every day. Put interesting topics on the agenda - for example an inspirational talk from a trend researcher or a best practice example from another branch? Show them how they can achieve great effects with a little bit of effort.

Improve Quality of your CRM Data.

Most likely it’s a secretary’s job or the job of a sales man which is not highly motivated to fill out the CRM Form with all its fields for the 1.000 time. So your data finds the way into the database in all variants and companies are named in hundred different options. Of course you can let a system run over the database to clean up the most obvious mistakes, but a machine cannot add things it doesn’t know. And we all know how valuable accurate data is.

Did you hear already about the new buzzword Gamification? It’s based on the Octalysis Framework, which says there are 8 Core Drives (Meaning, Empowerment, Social Influence, Unpredictability, Avoidance, Scarcity, Ownership & Accomplishment) which motivate people to do something. It’s proven very effectively in many cases – so why do not use it here also. For example use points to reward sales men which fill in the form with the most detailed information, show an internal ranking, give feedback with learning curves, call out group quests and offer prices to win. You’ll see how much your data improves when you have motivated people.

Show them the good side of digitalization.

Of course digitalization brought a lot of troubles in many ways. But not everything was better in the old days. Take the fear and the resistance from your dealers and lead them in a brighter digital future together. Make website content maintenance as easy as possible through well-known content management systems like Wordpress. Show them how easy it is to make a social media ad and how effectively they can spend their budget there. Tell them all about the new ways to reach their customers online without losing the personal contact through using Co-Browsing tools like BrowsXP.

This innovative and fast Co-Browsing tool allows you to see the screen of your customer during surfing on your website. The customer doesn’t need to download anything and it’s not slowing down your website. So for example the customer visited the dealer earlier and they configured a car together but he still has some questions and wants to change a few things – he can share the configuration on the website easily with his sales man without going to the showroom again. The sales man can reach out to his customer and help him with every question there is along the configuration and keep the personal contact. During the personal conversation there often appear also opportunities for up- and cross-selling. This tool can help you to overcome the distance between the dealership and the customer anytime.

Use BrowsXP to bring your dealers and customers closer together and improve your dealer CRM with a 360° digital user journey. Win more loyal customers and create new sales opportunities.