The new kind of User Experience Testing.

December 5, 2018

When you are implementing new features in your website the most important and critical point is how users are adapting to the new feature and are they using it as intended. Do they understand the purpose and your navigation?

Target Group.

Of course you can test your feature with maybe 5 or 10 users. But as usual these tests are expansive and it’s hard to find people which reflect the target group exactly. Also if you are not very careful with the choice of testers, it’s possible to have some bad quality user tests, leading you to the wrong conclusions.

Testing scenario.

Additionally also the testing scenario most of the time does not meet the reality. For example there is the Observer-expectancy effect. It was first discovered with the “Clever Hans” – a horse which was “able to calculate”. The trainer asked the horse mathematical question and the horse tapped the hoof at the right answer. But all Hans did, was in fact listening to the body language of his trainer and when he saw the signs of expectation at the right answer he reacted to it. This phenomenon also occurs during user tests where users behave in a certain way because they know it’s expected to do so.


There is a new game changing tool to test and measure the user experience in the real environment without any falsifying effects, with real tasks and real users. It’s BrowsXP – an innovative and fast Co-Browsing tool which is also able to record browsing sessions. So you can see in real time how users are reacting to your feature. How fast they can complete their task and where are obstacles in the user journey which are hard to overcome or maybe lead to an abortion of the sales funnel.

You can watch every user interaction with your new feature. For example – if you run an A/B-Test in the end you know which scenario worked better but you don’t know why. Now you can see how the different versions led to which changes in the user behaviour and get a clearer picture what lead to the success of the better scenario.

BrowsXP is able to transfer user interactions in real-time without slowing down your website performance. It can also be used by support agents to guide customers easier. They stop wasting time with trying to understand where exactly the user is now on your website and can focus more on the customer’s needs. Get your life Demo now and understand your customers better than ever before.

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