Why it’s now more important than ever to invest in excellent Service.

December 5, 2018

Thanks to the internet one product can be bought in minimum 10 different ways. Often consumers use price comparison tools like “Geizhals.at”. So the competition is huge and you do not always want to win the argument over price, because that’s an ongoing facing downwards spiral and sometimes you simply cannot effort to play this game. And you don’t need to. Win the customer over service.

Best Service wins.

People on average are getting more and more educated; therefore they usually get better paid and live a wealthier live. So money is not the most important topic anymore. If you look at statistics on for example Millenials – you see that they start more to care about what they do and how they spend their time, than counting every cent. People are starting to realize that time is not an endless resource and they aren’t willing to go the extra mile if it’s not necessary. These are the perfect conditions to win customers over service. Spare them the time of research through excellent and need-oriented customer service. If you help the customer finding the product which fits its needs best, make the purchase process as easy and comfortable as possible, you are creating trust and that’s not something you can directly measure in figures. But you will see it in the long term through growing sales rates.

Technical solution.

Of course – nothing beats personal face to face service – but with technologies nowadays – even in the online world you don’t need to give up on that. You can set up a CRM Systems where you collect all data to get a clearer picture of your customer. Combine it with a DMP(Data Management Platform) and you can collect 3rd Party Data and you are able to get to know the customer beyond the boundaries of your own systems. Now you can create individualized search results, offer additional accessories or tell them more about special features tailored to their needs. For example if a specific customer always clicks on your ads on sports websites – why not suggest him the smartphone armband for running?.

Technical but still human.

But all this technical ingenuity cannot replace personal service. The good advice of a human who understands exactly what you are saying and not calculates something you might need because 10 people before you liked the same thing. Someone you can tell “I need a TV which I can plug in these other devices and can connect with my smartphone” – where you ask questions which might take hours of searching through the web and a support agent can answer within seconds.

Take the customer service to the next level and complete the advanced technical system with the personal component through Live Chat and Co-Browsing. Via Video or Audio Chat combined with Co-Browsing the feeling of personal support is really close to a personal sales talk in the shop.

There is a new possibility to bring your customers and your support agents literally on the same page. It’s BrowsXP – a fast Co-Browsing Tool with Chat integration. With this tool a customer can share his view of your page with 1 click with your support agent. So the Agent can advise him through video or regular chat with surfing with him on the same site. Helping the customer through the jungle of products and offers and support him, finding exactly the right solution. Through seeing what the customer sees the agent knows within seconds what the customer is talking about.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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