Individualize BrowsXP to your needs.

December 5, 2018

BrowsXP is the perfect supplement for your 360 ° Digital Customer Journey. Your customer support will be more efficient, more on point and more user friendly than before. The User Experience will benefit crucially, because your support agents are able to see the world literally through the customer’s eyes and can better adjust the support to the needs of your users. The support experience will be more personal and interactive - so customers are more willing to trust your agents, your brand and your company.

Adaption to existing Systems? No problem!

But of course even with all the benefits, adding a new system into an existing structure always seems tricky and combined with a lot of effort. Not so with BrowsXP. We can individualize the system to your existing system landscape. For us it doesn’t matter if you need just the Co-Browsing solution without any chat support or if you are starting from scratch and want to use all functionalities available like Session Recording, Video Chat and maybe even the Facebook Messenger Marketing Suite. We can combine BrowsXP with your existing Chat Software, create API’s which allow you to transfer the data between your own CRM System and BrowsXP – so the Support Agent will always have the latest news about the history of the interaction between customer and company. We can combine Data Analyses also with your DMP (Data Management Platform) so you get the bigger picture about how your customers are interacting and where their needs are. With Session Recordings you get a better understanding about how the user sees your online tools and where their pain points are. You can even assign the session recordings to customers in your CRM system.

BrowsXP doesn’t struggle with complex website elements like configurators. You are able to see every mouse movement and every click. Or maybe you don’t want to see everything. Like personal customer data shouldn’t be visible for your Support Agents? No problem – we can hide every form or field you want in the Co-Browsing and recording session to protect your customer’s privacy.

With BrowsXP you are able to individualize the User Interface. You maintain full control over the style and placement of your windows and ways to engage with customers. You can also include links to additional content. We can adjust and individualise our Systems to your needs. Whatever you need, whatever your special case is – our strength lies within adapting to your environment.