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February 24, 2019

Improving activation time and customer satisfaction through Co-Browsing

Tractive was looking to improve its support and shorten the activation time during the activation process of their pet tracker. In that process, customers choose and complete their subscription plan to make the tracker work permanently. The goal was to shorten the activation time and thus improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Tractive is the world market leader in pet tracking systems. They create a safer environment for the millions of pets in the world. Tractive specializes in the development of pet wearables and apps for pet owners and pet lovers alike. In addition to Tractive GPS trackers, Tractive’s flagship dog tracker and app, the company produces a range of applications including the very popular Dog Walk app and the pet social network, Tractive Photos, used by millions of pet owners.

“The activation process of the pet tracker is the crucial point in our customer buyer journey. Since we sell our pet trackers at a very low price, the activation process from tracker buyers to long-term subscription customers is very important to us. In Chatvisor, we have found a great partner and product to help us achieve this goal.”

Status Quo

Before using Chatvisor, customers spent an average of 22% more time in the activation flow, since they were unclear about their option and what they included. Live-Chat and Co-Browsing helped Tractive better understand what can be done to increase clearity for customers, which in turn significantly improved checkout time and user satisfaction.

Integrating Chatvisor

With Chatvisor, Tractive implemented a more powerful chat and Co-Browsing solution. “The integration was very smooth and quick, within a day everything was set up.”

Chatvisor allows customer support employees to engage with customers that seem to have trouble, helping them to offer support very individually where it’s needed. Through chat rules, Tractive engages head-on with customers automatically, which leads to customers much more likely using the chat option.

Customer privacy is important to Tractive, this let pop up some questions before implementing Co-Browsing. Will the support see all customer inputs, potentially PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and basically everything customers enter? No, they won’t - due to masking all fields that contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Tractive ensures next level support while sustaining its high privacy standards.


“When comparing chat interactions with and without Co-Browsing, we managed to lower our Average Handle Time per customer by 56 %. This allowed our customer support agents to actively monitor customers who were activating their tracker and engage with them in the activation process what really helped us shorten the Activation Time. So Co-Browsing was definitely a difference maker for us resulting in a positive ROI.”

Results at a glance:

  • Average Handle Time per customer: - 56 %
  • Average Activation Time per customer: - 22 %
  • Customer Satisfaction after activation: + 11 %
  • Rise in chat interactions: + 72 %

Overall Experience

“To be honest, when the guys showed me Co-Browsing for the first time, it was kind of spooky seeing my screen in real-time on another screen. But very soon after that I felt like there’s a definite business value for us. Looking into the future, I see the technology in a great number of customer-oriented websites.”

“During the whole onboarding and following collaboration, Chatvisor was and still is delivering professional service which they demonstrate in implementing and optimization requests immediately.“

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