GlobeAir & Chatvisor

March 1, 2019

About GlobeAir

GlobeAir is a private jet charter company and operates the world’s largest fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang Jets. Both private and business customers can book their flights quickly and easily online. Often they do this alone without any help, but sometimes there are questions that need to be answered by the Customer Care Team. Johannes Skrivanek (Head of Digital Marketing at GlobeAir) saw potential for optimization in this process. Trying to guide the customer through the booking process, he regularly saw the team at the edge of its possibilities.

Johannes Skrivanek: “We partly had the problem that potential customers contacted us because an error message came when booking their flight and the page did not work as desired. When we checked the booking process, however, we saw that everything was going according to plan. This made it difficult for our team to understand exactly what the problem was and how we could help the customer most quickly. We had to invest a lot of time in debugging.”

Meeting Chatvisor

“By chance I met the people behind Chatvisor who spontaneously showed me their product as a live demo on their mobile phone. Within one click they could see where I was on their website and how I was moving there - in real time. They could even take over my session and guide me through the website. I was immediately blown away and saw the potential for our support team to save a lot of time, money and headaches.

Especially in customer support, we saw great potential to make life easier and hoped to improve user experience and increase conversions through improved context. With an average mid 4-digit sales value per flight, an increase in conversion of only 5% makes a huge difference.”

Onboarding & Use

The implementation went without a hitch. Account setup and JavaScript implementation via Google Tag Manager was done in 30 minutes.

“Chatvisor was very supportive during the implementation and quickly answered the few questions we had (Where do we install the script? What does the opt-in look like?). Otherwise, we didn’t really need much help.”

Success Story

“How much potential there is in Chatvisor’s BrowsXP technology, we noticed immediately on the third day. A customer contacted us about an error in his booking request. We immediately activated BrowsXP and noticed that the customer was not on an error page, but on a hint page that stopped the booking process for logistical reasons. Since we cannot guarantee that a private jet will be available for a 36 hour flight with a large number of passengers, we always issue a warning in these cases. This has been perceived as an error by the customer. Normally it would take our team longer to understand how we can help the customer. But through BrowsXP, we immediately identified the problem, we were able to track which route the customer wanted to book, confirm the requested flight within minutes and complete the booking directly”.

Situations like this are reason enough for GlobeAir to continue using Chatvisor.

Results & Next Steps

“In numbers, our conversions have developed strongly. In comparison to the months before BrowsXP, we closed about 39% more support requests. Furthermore, we measured that the time we spend on the phone with customers has been reduced by almost half.”

“The next step is to implement Chatvisor’s LiveChat on our website. Especially in the interaction of LiveChat with BrowsXP we see enormous potential”.

What we wish from Chatvisor

“Ideally, we can integrate both tools into our existing slack environment so that our staff only need one interface for all support requests.”

Your wish is our command!