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March 19, 2019

Facebook Messenger in the marketing mix

The Urlaubsguru (german, holiday guru) is one of the largest travel agencies in the German-speaking world. As a friend and helper for travel freaks, the guru searches the Internet every day for the best known and newest travel sites in order to serve his community the absolute bargains on the silver platter.

With over 6.7 million fans on Facebook and a community of more than 140,000 WhatsApp subscribers, holiday guru is well represented in the social networks. Nevertheless, they had the feeling that they were not fully exploiting their potential and that Facebook Messenger was still missing a decisive channel in the marketing mix.

Why choose Chatvisor?

“There were several partners we could have worked with. What finally convinced us about Chatvisor was that Chatvisor gave us features that we didn’t find in other vendors. Especially the Comment Watcher function I have never seen before. Also the backend was pleasantly clear and easy to use. Also the personal contact was sympathetic, friendly and competent right from the start”.

Advent Calendar

The first goal was to establish a community. For this purpose, the Messenger Advent Calendar was launched, in which 24 different trips to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world were raffled off 24 days a week. In order to participate, one only had to subscribe to the Advent calendar and click on “participate” on the desired days. Landingpage and Facebook served as traffic channels. To double the chance of winning, the participants could also register for the holiday guru WhatsApp service.


Onboarding: Setup of Advent Calendar

“The onboarding of Chatvisor was really great. The team took a lot of time to introduce us to the deepest tricks of their solution and to set up the advent calendar together. They prioritized feature requests in their development and implemented them within days. This allowed us to set up the campaign exactly as we wanted.”


Overall, the campaign was a complete success. Holiday guru was able to build a community in the six-figure subscriber area in just 4 weeks. Over 9,332,000 messages were sent, with an average opening rate of 99.27% and an average engagement rate of 93.92%.

What to expect after the calendar?

Subsequently, the community can look forward to cool, valuable content on the topic of travel & holidays. Unlike the WhatsApp service, the Messenger service will focus on sending out valuable content. The one or other bargain deal will also be there!

What we wish from Chatvisor

“My greatest wish for our collaboration with Chatvisor is that they stay as up-to-date as ever in Messenger Marketing, that contact remains close, that if we have meaningful feature requests, that these are implemented and that we can grow and learn together - in Messenger as well as in other areas”.

We look forward to hopefully many more years of successful partnership!

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