When to Integrate Chatvisor’s Co-Browsing in Your Contact Center?

Ziad Hussien
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Jun 30, 2020

Customer experience is about understanding your buyer’s journey and interactions that happen across multiple touchpoints.

Traditionally, reducing cost to serve and sell to customers was the main target for most contact centers. Today, market leaders are embracing opportunities and switching from a cost center to a center of business opportunities by investing in tools that increase customer engagement.

So when should you Integrate Chatvisor’s Co-Browsing solution into your existing modes of communication?

When You Want to Get on the Same Page as Your Customers

Imagine customer Fabian Freund on your website, and he is having an issue with an online transaction or a question about a product. While searching for an answer, Fabian decides to call the hotline, where I, as an agent, pick up.

While Fabian explains the issue to me, I face a problem of my own: I can’t see what Fabian sees on his screen. I lack any visual context, and that makes it hard for me to properly help him – which results in a mutually negative experience. 

With Chatvisor Co-Browsing in place, an agent can simply ask the customer, “Hi Fabian. It would help me a lot if I can see what you can see on your screen.” Customer Fabian would then click one button and allow the agent to see what he sees on his screen.

If you have the problem that an agent is constantly blinded by not seeing what a customer is seeing on their screen, Chatvisor Co-Browsing software can simply break the barriers of visual communication with just a click of a button.

When You Want Less Miscommunication with Your Customers

According to U.S. State of Multichannel Customer Service report, 66% of customers are frustrated even before they start communicating with a customer service agent.

Often, customers that lack technical knowledge struggle to keep up with an agent’s instructions, leading to miscommunication and dissatisfaction. “Have you turned to the next page? Please click the button on the bottom right-hand side.” These typical conversations lead to high average handling time and a usual second or third call resolution, not to mention, a very frustrated customer.

Implementing Chatvisor’s Co-Browsing solution and allowing the agent to visually guide the customer to a solution will eliminate all miscommunication and decrease the frustration caused by confusion.

When You Want Secure Features for Your Customers and Your Agents

When selecting Co-Browsing software, it is essential to choose a solution that will abide by your company policy and security standards. Chatvisor’s Co-Browsing solution is launched in one click, and visitor approval is required with the possibility to exit at any given time, giving the customer complete control over the Co-Browsing session.

Chatvisor Co-Browsing is independent of all communication channels; It simply integrates with your existing methods of communication such as phone and chat solutions. Our software is compatible with all browsers and requires no downloads or installations to initiate.

If you have not implemented a screen sharing solution in your contact center due to security reasons or because you don’t want your agents to have complete access to customer screens, Chatvisor Co-Browsing is the ideal solution for your contact center.

When You Want to Change Your Cost Center to a Profit Center

Conversations that use Co-Browsing between agents and customers provide excellent opportunities to increase sales by upselling and cross-selling products or services. Industries such as insurance, banking healthcare, retail, and financial services use this powerful tool to increase sales online.

Youbiquity reports that almost 75 percent of the study respondents who attempted to purchase insurance online had a multitude of issues, and 72 percent complained about the complexity of the process.

With Co-Browsing, sales agents can seamlessly support customers through the sales funnel and provide valuable insights visually. Show and tell has always been the most powerful method of communication, and sales agents should have all the tools they need to guide their customers throughout their buyer’s journey online.

Co-Browsing is an essential tool for online sales When You Want to Increase First Call Resolution Rate According to the 2019 survey, first call resolution is the second most important metric for contact centers after customer satisfaction.

Customer demands have drastically changed in the past few years. These days, customers are not willing to wait for extended periods on the phone, especially if they contact you about an issue with a product or a service you provide.

By leveling Chatvisor’s Co-Browsing, you can reduce communication barriers and help guide your customers quickly to a solution. As a result, customers will have their issues handled promptly; satisfaction rates will increase, and the first call resolution rate will skyrocket.

When You Want to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers are satisfied when their issues are resolved at the first time of asking. Enabling agents to understand customer concerns and solve their problems swiftly can significantly improve the outcome of every call.

Companies can best meet their customers’ demands by implementing services that provide real-time customer service like Co-Browsing, which integrates seamlessly with your existing communication solutions.

When You Want an Image of Innovation

Delivering excellent customer support and enhancing customer experience can generate positive feedback. Using the latest technology in visual engagement can show how innovative and advanced you are as a successful business.

Last Words

Co-Browsing ensures increased efficiency by enhancing the customer experience and leading to a higher first call resolution rate. Integrating digital interaction platforms such as Co-Browsing will accommodate the growth of your existing channels such as live chat or phone communication and, therefore, drastically increase customer satisfaction.

Consider contacting one of our sales agents to learn more about Co-Browsing and how this unique technology can increase customer satisfaction and your overall KPIs.

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