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Chatvisor automates monitoring and identifying relevant comments or messages

With Facebook Pages being one of the main contact points between customers and businesses today, Facebook Messenger becomes one of the most important channels of C2B communication. Also, Facebook Pages as a social hub invite people to leave opinions, requests and more in comments or timeline posts. Some need to be taken care of – whether it’s for further assistance or due to the message being offensive in some point. Chatvisor automates monitoring and identifying relevant comments or messages.

Our Community Management solution covers three main purposes:

Automate Requests and more with Chatbot

With the integration of our intuitive Chatbot Builder, you can easily build appealing customer interactions and take them through a journey in Messenger. Moreover, you should consider a chatbot as a great way to automate certain workflows that occur frequently. This leads to your customer getting faster answers to questions and saving resources for your support team.

Community Monitoring

Next level Support:- LiveChat & Co-Browse

Integrating the Facebook Customer Chat on your homepage makes perfect sense. Chatvisor helps you doing that in a very smooth way, by coupling it with an alternative chat for non-Facebook-users. With BrowsXP, your customer can share his screen on demand within the browser, so your supporter can assist by directly "clicking him the right way".

Monitoring through Sentiment Analysis

Having a Facebook Page often means a ton of relevant requests coming from all sides of the platform. Doesn’t matter if requests, reclamations, insults, … they need to be taken care of. Our Sentiment Analysis monitors your Facebook Page filters messages like these and notifies the accountable person (optionally:- initiates bot conversation) in your team to look at the problem.

Community Monitoring

Adding benefits for everyone

  • free up resources
  • don't miss any requests
  • avoid "shitstorm"
  • leave a positive image
  • faster answer from the right contact person
  • better user experience

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