Behavioral Rules

Define user behavior that is of interest to you. Find Session Recordings where users display pre-specified behaviors, like clicking a specific button or hovering over a designated element. Alternatively, opt for real-time engagement and watch behaviors unfold as they happen.

Author Behavioral Rules to support your business strategy and increase conversion

Analyze how users engage with your site before and after defined events

Smarter filters

Cut through volumes of raw data and filter for Session Recordings you can really learn from.

Smarter customer engagement

Anticipate when visitors need support via agent notifications, and offer help immediately to increase conversion.

Create personalized experiences

Learn from your user behavior data and direct them to targeted content.

How do Behavioral Rules work?

Define behaviors you want to monitor, sort them with advanced filters, and analyze the relevant sessions retroactively with Session Recordings, or proactively, in real time

Define Behavioral Rules

Manage your business strategy by defining set user behaviors you want to flag, such as clicking specific links or buttons, leaving the site at a certain page, or hovering over designated elements. Choose playback and watch the Session Recordings at your convenience, or see the specified behaviors in real-time.

Filter accordingly

In playback, filter for your pre-defined behaviors and view them in context. See only the relevant recordings and watch all users who triggered your defined event.

Live Analytics

We developed Chatvisor to be highly performant and analyze customer behavior in real time. When the customer behavior matches the conditions of a Rule, trigger a pre-defined action like a specific Chatbot, or receive a notification and observe the interaction for later analysis.

Behavioral Rules features: trackable behaviors

Chatvisor’s range of Rule metrics help you track user interactions and understand them to a deeper degree

types into form element

types into search bar

hovers over specific content/element

leaves website

clicks button or element

navigates through certain subpages

focuses on specific content over time

Engineered to work with:

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