Session Recordings

Relive every move visitors make on your website or web application with our Session Recordings feature. Analyze critical customer behaviors and understand how customers navigate your site from an informed, contextualized perspective.

Create better user experiences with Session Recordings

Chatvisor Session Recordings locate pain points on websites and web applications - reduce bounce, increase conversion rates, and better serve customers

Product Manager

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use the valuable context Session Recordings provide. Identify bugs and obstacles, see where people leave your site, and watch how visitors truly interact with your website elements.

UX Designer

Optimize User Experience

Session Recordings are like game film for your business. Identify the issues customers face by watching and analyzing their movements, and gain the actionable insight necessary to make informed improvements.


Reproduce Bugs

Review Session Recordings retroactively to see exactly how users encounter errors, and reproduce them to eliminate such issues in the future.

How do Session Recordings work?

Record user movements on your website, gain actionable insight, and make informed business decisions

Track User Activity

Session Recordings allow you to anonymously record all activities a customer makes on your website, such as page changes, mouse movements, scrolls, and clicks on both desktop and mobile devices.

Use Advanced Filters

Collect recordings, filter to find relevant sessions, and re-watch customers’ exact movements at your convenience. Use Session Recordings to gain insight into their browsing experiences and make improvements to your website with supporting data behind it.

Safeguard Customer Privacy

At Chatvisor, we prize customer privacy. We comply with all privacy laws to keep confidential information as it should be – confidential. We automatically hide personally-identifiable information from recordings and let you manage additional content to exclude.

Find relevant Session Recordings instantly

We know you don´t have time to watch thousands of recordings. Chatvisor uses advanced filters to help you identify the most relevant sessions

WTF Factor

The WTF Factor helps you to keep track of, locate, and measure irregular customer behavior on your website or web application.

Interaction Count

The Interaction Count takes relevant customer interactions into account to determine the level of engagement visitors had with your site.

Additional Filters

Combine a wide spectrum of filters, such as duration, start/exit path, device, browser, country, etc. to locate the most relevant sessions for you.

JavaScript Errors

Track sessions leading to JavaScript errors on your website and re-watch them. Reproduce these customer interactions step-by-step to prevent future errors.

404 Page Errors

Track sessions that led to your 404 page or caused a “404 page not found” error. Re-watch these sessions to identify elements that redirected visitors to broken links.

Conversion Funnels

Create your own rules to define when a session is worth watching, such as clicking on specific elements.

Session Recordings powered by BrowsXP

We developed BrowsXP, the leading technology for Session Recordings, Web Analytics, and Co-Browsing

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    Real-time analytics and recordings

    Engineered for maximum performance, BrowsXP lets you watch customer interactions with your website and gather analytics in real-time.

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    Simple integration, no load for websites

    Add just one line of ultra lightweight JavaScript (only 12 kB) to your website, and BrowsXP is good to go.

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    Predictive behavioral AI

    Track when a customer shows signs of buying, is committed to a specific product configuration, is in an advanced process, or in another similar situation.

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    Handles complex websites with ease

    With BrowsXP, a static one-pager, heavy web application, or 3D configurator will run at virtually the same speed and level of accuracy.

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