Customer Experience Analytics

Find out exactly where users are having trouble on your website and which processes you should take a second look at. Increase your revenue with a great customer experience.


Perfectly understand how customers navigate and browse through your website

Understand customer journey

Learn exactly where customers behave not as planned, where they take an unexpected turn or even quit their browsing journey. Relive their experience to better understand what led to the customer’s decision making.

Increase website conversions

Use the gathered first-hand information of the right session recordings and heatmaps to improve where improvements are due. Adapt processes accordingly to ultimately increase website conversions.

More than plain numbers

Traditional analytics numbers give you an understanding that there are problems, but don’t explain the whole story. Deep dive into the problems and experience them first-handedly to resolve problems indefinitely.

Improve team productivity

Eliminate the guesswork for your team and make sure they can focus on the important tasks. The better your team understands your customer experience, the better the experience eventually will be.

Identify customer clicks

Get cumulated information of how customers scroll and click on your website. Understand what exact elements of your website are clicked very likely and what parts of the site need to be brought before the curtain.

Recordings you can learn from

With thousands of sessions on your website monthly, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find sessions you can learn from. Chatvisor finds the Session Recordings for you that provide you with true value.

More than just plain Numbers

Put yourself in the Shoes of your Customer

Providing great online experiences is more important than ever. Traditional analytics metrics and numbers usually don’t tell the whole story. What they tell you is, that there are churns happening at a certain point in a process or sequence. But they don’t tell you, what exactly the customer experienced and faced when he made that decision. With Session Recordings you’re able to take a deep-dive into the experiences, customers have on your site. Through this first-hand understanding you’ll be able to improve crucial processes is no time.

Features that make this possible

Session Recordings | Heatmaps | Click Tracking | LiveView


Find Sessions you can actually learn from

Session Recordings are great – but when you have a website with solid traffic, there are thousands of session recordings you potentially could take a look at. To avoid that you spend your valuable time watching recordings and hoping to coincidentally find something relevant, we developed a great set of filter metrics to make your life easier. Chatvisor helps you find recordings that have high user activity, unusual user behavior or specific user behavior that match patterns you can define and you are looking to analyze.

Features that make this possible

Interaction Count | WTF Factor | Conversions | JavaScript Error Detection


Engage with Customers that show specific behavior

Due to its high performance, Chatvisor can evaluate how customers act on your website in real-time. On base of that evaluations, you can set conversion goals which can trigger actions such as engaging the customer through Chatbot or notifying you about the customer.

Features that make this possible

Conversions | Chatbot

session recording

One Platform – many game-changing Features

Session Recordings

Record the journey of website visitors to understand how they use your website and where they have troubles.

Interaction Count

Filter Session Recordings that are worth watching based on the activity of the website visitor.

WTF Factor

Filter Session Recordings where customers behaved unusually to learn about their experience.


See what elements of you website are popular and likely to be clicked/found by customers.

Click Tracking

We understand that numbers are important too. What Heatmaps show visually, our click tracking overview shows you in numbers.


Define events that customers can trigger and that are relevant to you. Take a look at the Session Recordings where these events occurred.

JavaScript Error Detection

Find Session Recordings where the customer triggered a JavaScript error. Also find recordings that led to a "Page not found" error.


Watch how website visitors surf and navigate through your website in real time.

Maximum Customer Privacy

Mask sensitive customer data and exlude it from transmission in Session Recordings and the LiveView.

Are you ready to boost your engagement?

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