Analytics Suite

Increase online conversions along the whole customer journey on your website. Determine, where users face difficulties and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall experience to ultimately meet business goals.

Identify visitor behaviors, optimize your website & convert visitors into customers

Locate pain points on websites and web applications - reduce bounce, increase conversion rates, and better serve customers

Understand the customer journey

View your website from the customers’ perspective and see exactly how they interact with it. Determine whether certain sections on your site get the attention you anticipated.

Make data-driven decisions

Visualize your users’ decision-making processes on your website. Gain the actionable insights necessary to make well-informed improvements.

Detect and reproduce JS errors

Track JavaScript errors and immediately reproduce the user actions leading up to it, so you can eliminate errors once and for all.

Tools to help you gather actionable information

Gather relevant, comprehensible data you can apply to your business strategy

Session Recordings

Session Recordings are like game film for your business. Review Session Recordings retroactively to see exactly how users encounter errors, and to identify fixable issues.


Heatmaps are a conversion optimization tool highlighting hotspots on your page. Generate various Heatmaps to identify overlooked features and improve UX - see what features are popular with visitors, track user navigation, and determine what to emphasize.

Quantitative & qualitative Analyses

Combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to make educated decisions. Detect anomalies from cumulated, visualized data and break them down to single customer experiences.

Behavioral Rules

Define behaviors you want to monitor. When a customer behavior matches the conditions of a Rule, trigger a pre-defined action like a specific Chatbot, or receive a notification and view the interaction in your Session Recordings later.

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