Implement Chatvisor's customizable Chatbots to support your customers 24/7. Use our Chatbots on your website to answer general questions and distribute customer support requests to the appropriate team members.

Support customers and agents alike with conversational Chatbots

Chatbots give you the ability to support your customers all day, every day. Engage with your customers to increase your sales, and build a reputation as a customer-first company


Increase efficiency & service

Save time and energy by automating part of your customer interaction. Let a Chatbot handle FAQs and reduce the waiting period for customers.


Engage with website visitors

Decrease your bounce rate and create new opportunities for customers to interact with your company via Chatbot.

Customer Experience

Work around the clock

Respond to requests instantaneously and establish a 24/7 service standard.

What can Chatvisor Chatbots offer?

Use Chatbots to relieve pressure on agents and get customers right to the answers they want

Delegate requests

Use Chatbots to create base-level context for agents before they assist customers in Live Chat or another channel. Use this context to direct customers to a fitting agent, and save time handling support requests.

Easy lines of communication

Whether using Scripted Bots or Query Bots, our Chatbots let customers engage casually with your company, just as they would with friends in a messenger app.

Engage customers

Build customizable Chatbots with Chatvisor. Anticipate questions and create message flows that will lead customers to the answers they seek.

Combine with AI

Pair your bot with conversational AI (from Google, Amazon, IBM Watson, Microsoft) to simulate more realistic conversation.

Chatbot Features

Chatvisor Chatbots are highly customizable, working to support your customers and generate statistical insight for you

Chatbot Builder

Build your own message flow with the Chatvisor Chatbot Builder.

Query Chatbots

Query Chatbots enable your visitors to search through your website from within the chat.

Transition to live agents

In cases where the Chatbot has no prepared answer, seamlessly transition the customer from the Chatbot to a live agent.

Live Chat & Chatbot Rules

Create Rules to maustomernage the availability of your Chatbots, and determine when they engage with customers.

Predictive Analytics Trigger

Create triggers for pre-defined user behavior on your website. Engage specific visitors with targeted Chatbots to provide incentives and drive conversion.

Data Export

Export conversations from interactions through various export functions (export API, CSV export, etc.) and import them into existing systems such as CRMs.

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