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Co-Browsing is the simple and superior technology to screen share in online customer service.


Co-Browsing is a technology to share and remote-control screens on websites and in web applications – without the necessity of downloading any client software. In BrowsXP, we developed the leading technology for Co-Browsing.

Reasons for Co-Browsing

Power of Visual Context

Co-Browsing brings you and your customer on the same page, simplifying the tedious process of attaining mutual context.

Increase Efficiency & Quality

Through visual context you answer questions faster and more precisely resulting in time savings for you and your customer.

Simplicity of Use

The customer doesn’t need to download or install any software. Within just a click you and your customer are connected.

Respecting Customer Privacy

Manage what website content shall be shared within the Co-Browsing interaction. Mask sensitive customer data, comply with privacy laws.

New Sales Opportunities

Turn a regular call into a sales call. Show the customer around your website, like you would do in a physical store.

What makes Chatvisor Co-Browsing unique

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    Works out-of-the-box
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    Supports complex Websites
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    Maximum Security & Privacy
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    Simple Implementation
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    Cloud or on-premise

Let us elaborate together, what value Chatvisor can provide to your organization. Talk to one of our experts and learn more about your potential.

Use Cases

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