Co-Browsing streamlines communication between customer and agent through advanced, hassle-free screen sharing technology. Use Chatvisor to Co-Browse with customers on any device, across all browsers - without downloads or installation.


Boost your customer service with Co-Browsing

Chatvisor Co-Browsing gives you the power of visual context. Join customers on your website, gain mutual context quickly, and lead customers to quality solutions


Increased efficiency & quality

Save time and energy on both ends. Reduce the back-and-forth and answer customer questions faster and more precisely.


Create new sales opportunities

Turn a regular call into a sales call. Show the customer around your website and give them visual cues, just as you would in a physical store or when sitting next to them.

Customer Experience

Simple to use for customer

No downloads or installations are required for you or the customer. With just a single click, connect with individual customers instantly and get on the same page.

How does Co-Browsing work?

See and interact with customers’ screens in real time

How Co-Browsing works

  • Customer has problem, contacts support through chat, phone, or webcall
  • Support agent offers Co-Browsing option, customer accepts
  • Agent guides customer to a solution, step-by-step

Empower agents through Co-Browsing

Through Co-Browsing capabilities, agents use their full potential and can fully interact with customers’ screens. Agents can draw on-screen to provide visual instructions and gather visual context, take action on behalf of the customer, and redirect customers to different URLs.

Improve customer interactions

Co-Browsing allows agents to resolve customer problems with transactions, bookings, and purchases, errors on website or web applications, and configuration difficulties.

Safeguard Customer Privacy

At Chatvisor, we prize customer privacy. We comply with all privacy laws to keep confidential information as it should be – confidential. While Co-Browsing, Chatvisor excludes all sensitive customer data from transmission and masks the content within the Co-Browsing interaction on side of the agent to protect customer data.

Co-Browsing Features

Chatvisor Co-Browsing includes a set of complementary features


During a Co-Browsing session, agents can take control of customers’ screens and guide them click-by-click, as if they were holding the mouse themselves.


Draw and highlight directly on-screen to help users navigate the site, without struggling to explain where to click.

Individual Content Masking

Through using HTML/CSS selectors, you can pinpoint what content from the customer session shall be shared with the agent or not.

Desktop Co-Browsing

Dig deeper to solve more complex issues. When necessary, use Desktop Co-Browsing to give the agent visible access to the customer’s desktop. In such cases, simply switch to our WebRTC-powered Co-Browsing mode to start reaching solutions.

Mobile App SDK

Use the benefits of Co-Browsing in your iOS or Android mobile app to support customers. Integrate our solution into your mobile app and manage all customer requests in one place.

Co-Browsing API

Bolster your existing chat solution with Chatvisor Co-Browsing. By integrating our well-documented API, you can receive the benefits immediately.

Co-Browsing powered by BrowsXP

We developed BrowsXP, the highest-performing Co-Browsing technology on the market across all five key Co-Browsing metrics:

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    JavaScript Size

    Our BrowsXP JavaScript weighs less than 30 kB in comparison to industry standards far exceeding 100 kB. Because our code is so small, there is no additional load time on websites.

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    BrowsXP is highly performant and ensures a maximum offset of 50 milliseconds, simulating real-time.

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    Supports Complex Websites

    BrowsXP supports even the most complex website technology such as Shadow DOMs, canvas, iframes or hover effects. BrowsXP performs efficiently under all conditions - no matter if simple booking process or a dynamic 3D configurator.

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    Maximum Security & Privacy

    With BrowsXP, sensitive data will never be transferred and personally-identifiable customer information is automatically hidden from support agents.

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    BrowsXP can be set up both as a cloud and as an on-premise installation.

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