Customer Service

Drive sales through outstanding online support experiences. Use real time screen sharing to save time and create an optimal customer experience.


Provide greater support while reducing the amount of time spent per support session

Increase website conversions

Digitalize consulting and create a collaborative shopping (browsing) interaction, mimicking an in-store experience. Actively inviting website visitors to Co-Browse with an agent initiates a personal interaction and opportunity.

Configure with customers

Handle more complex websites and web applications like configurators without any downfall in performance. By adding one of our communication features to the mix, customers can be advised in the best digital way.

Customer satisfaction

Delivering exceptional support experience increases customer satisfaction & loyalty. Happy customers will return to you, become long term customers and eventually start promoting your business within their private network.

Improve agent productivity

By eliminating the need, that customers need to articulate their issues, you’ll reduce the average time agents spend in a support interaction through chat or phone. Both, agent and customer, will have an easier time explaining.

Understand customer journeys

Review customer sessions on your website to understand customer journeys on your website, in your webshop or in your web application. Detect weak spots you need to take care of more quickly and precise.

Easy to launch screen sharing

When trying to share screens with regular applications, either the customer or agent usually needs to download a client software. With BrowsXP, agents are just one click away from joining the customer’s website session.

Successful, next level customer support

Collaborative Context through Visual Sharing

The BrowsXP Co-Browse technology brings your customers and agents on the same page. With just one click, a customer can share his screen with an agent (or even co-worker/friend) during a phone or chat interaction, resulting in a better understanding of the customer’s needs and more accurate handling of issues and questions. When issues are more complex, they’re often hard to resolve over the phone or via live chat only, Chatvisor BrowsXP Co-Browse can make the difference between an unsatisfying, frustrating interaction and a quick, positive service experience.

Features that make this possible

Browsxp | Session Link Sharing


Use right way to communicate

Answer customer requests through chat, audio or video conversation. Automate the gathering of initial context through our intuitive chatbot building system. Notify responsible team members for individual request topics. Integrate your Facebook Page Inbox (your Messenger channel) to keep things together.

Features that make this possible

LiveChat | AudioChat | VideoChat | Facebook Messenger Integration | Flows


Replay customer website sessions to encounter weaknesses

Through session recordings, you can watch how people browse your website, scroll through content and where they seem to have troubles or get lost. Chatvisor BrowsXP provides you with the necessary data to encounter issues, so you can fix them. When you’re providing a web application, you might as well use it to reproduce occurring errors users encounter to understand how the user got there.

Features that make this possible

Session Recording | Customer Journey Monitoring

session recording

One Platform – many game-changing Features


Co-Browsing is screen sharing for websites. The customer gets the opportunity to share his website session with support requests. The support employee sees what the customer sees, can provide targeted assistance and even control the customer's mouse.

Masking of PII

When using BrowsXP potentially sensible data can be masked automatically. Define which input fields' or labels' content should be masked for a customer support agent.


Today, a WebChat is a must-have for almost every website. Our WebChat is perfectly synced with BrowsXP and further offers you a variety of options to drive online sales and customer happiness.

AudioChat & VideoChat

Connect with customers on a more personal level by actually talking to them. In combination with Co-Browsing you'll be able create a very close connection with customers giving them first-hand support and/or consulting.

Screen Recordings

Understand journeys customers are taking on your website through Screen Recordings. Learn where users get stuck and behave unexpectedly so you can optimize future experiences.

Flows / Chatbot Builder

Engage with people by creating interactive broadcasts, creative quizzes and more! We keep things as easy as possible, no coding needed – just connect your Facebook Page and you’ll be good to go.

Facebook Integration

Integrate your Facebook Page's Messenger chat into Chatvisor. Manage and ticket all incoming messages from one single interface.

  • 360 customer journey icon
    360° Digitale User Journey

    Add the Customer Service Suite to your online channel portfolio to provide the ideal way to support customers quickly and effectively on how to use your online services.

  • conversion icon
    Website Conversion

    Help visitors finding what they want, turn them more likely into buyers.

  • abandonment icon
    Reduced Abandonment Rates

    Connect with customers who are about to abandon the checkout process.

  • sales icon
    New Sales Opportunities

    When advising a customer, you’ll get chances to up- and cross sell.

  • loyalty icon
    Customer Loyalty

    Providing great support will generate loyal customers, which revisit you.

  • download icon
    No Download

    All web-based. Website visitors need no client software, are ready to go.

  • integrated icon
    Easily integrated

    The Customer Service Suite is fully integrated with one JavaScript snippet.

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