Support Suite

Increase support efficiency and conversion rates by creating exceptional online service experiences. Empower your team with Co-Browsing, and support users along their journey with Chatbots powered by predictive analytics.

Communicate with customers in the channels they prefer

Increase conversions, save costs, and deliver the best possible online service experience

Improve support efficiency

Save time and energy on both ends. Reduce the back-and-forth and answer customer questions faster and more precisely.

Benefit from visual context

Chatvisor Co-Browsing gives you the power of visual context. Join customers on your website, gain mutual context quickly, and lead customers to quality solutions.

Be more customer-centric

Deliver great online service experiences and be the company your customers want you to be. Chatvisor’s solutions are built to be as simple for your customers as possible.

Increase online conversions

Empower your agents with the tools they need to show customers around your website. Give them visual cues, just as you would in a physical store or when sitting next to them.

Combine your efforts

Engage customers in the right channel in the right situation. Chatvisor centralizes your online and in-app customer communication to improve efficiency and conversion.

Automate your processes

Decrease your bounce rate and create new opportunities for customers to interact with your company via Chatbot. Increase agent efficiency through smart conversational suggestions.

Simplify every aspect of the customer service experience

Be there for your customers - receive and respond to all incoming messages from a single platform, and answer urgent questions via Co-Browsing

All channels in one platform

Manage incoming messages from every platform you use, including Facebook Messenger, all on the Chatvisor platform. Create more personal conversations with Webcalling and Co-Browsing, and gather valuable Feedback through Forms to optimize your efforts.

Harness the benefits of visual learning

Co-Browsing streamlines communication between customer and agent through advanced, hassle-free screen sharing technology. Use Chatvisor to Co-Browse with customers on any device, across all browsers - without downloads or installation.

Safeguard customer privacy

At Chatvisor, we prize customer privacy. We comply with all privacy laws to keep confidential information as it should be – confidential. Chatvisor Live Chat messages are fully encrypted and personally identifiable information or sensitive content is masked in our Co-Browsing interactions. Further, your Chatvisor installation can be hosted in our EU-based data center or locally in your data center as an on-premise solution.

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