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Advance your online marketing and get more users with Facebook Messenger Codes

am January 8, 2018

Facebook Messenger Codes and their benefits for your marketing I’m sure you have seen them already somewhere: Facebook Messenger Codes aka Referral Codes. Truth be told, they work exactly like normal QR-Codes or Snapcodes and are simply pictures that contain a certain link. Messenger Codes make it easy for your users to send you messages. They can be scanned using the Messenger app and will let your users start a conversation with you in Messenger.


My Comment Watcher

am January 5, 2018

Introduction Emails no longer really provide their intended results. Marketing strategists answered this by focussing more and more on social media, especially Facebook. Today a big number of businesses is very active on Facebook. Since the space on the news feed of every user is limited to a point, no longer every post of your page reaches your follower. In fact, only 16 % of your followers will find your post in their newsfeed.


Use Case - How to create your own Facebook newsletter

am January 4, 2018

Introduction Using Chatvisor you can send articles or simple messages. To create the best user experience possible, we recommend using articles rather than simple messages. Articles in Facebook Messenger look like this: In order to send articles to your community, you first need to get them to the Chatvisor platform – this happens either manually or automated (read more). In case you are a Shopify user, you can synchronize your content with our system by installing our Shopify Plugin (read more).


How to analyze your Messenger Marketing - Dashboard Overview

am January 3, 2018

Introduction Using Analytics and KPIs to measure your Marketing – Overview/Dashboard Digital Marketing offers endless opportunities for marketers but often it feels like throwing money into a black hole. Therefore, it is crucial to make use of the data that can be gained and analyze it accordingly in order to improve future marketing campaigns. Chatvisor is different. It sends out your news as broadcasts and instantly gives you valuable insights in return.