Overview - Send Messages

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    Broadcast- / Flow Builder

    Our intuitive chatbot builder lets you create awesome user experiences in Facebook Messenger. Engage with people by creating interactive broadcasts, creative quizzes and more! We keep things as easy as possible, no coding needed – just connect your Facebook Page and you’ll be good to go.

  • Broadcast Targeting

    There are several ways to target your messages within your Messenger community. Target by interest category, user behavior and/or other metrics like gender.

    community insights
  • community insights
    Broadcast Stats

    You only can improve what you can measure. Chatvisor provides you with detailed analytics and stats to your broadcasts and other features. Learn where your message recipients dropped out and optimize the experience of future messages.

  • Sequences

    Create marketing funnels in Messenger. When a customer shows interest for something, he can be added to a sequence. A sequence is a series of messages, which will be sent over time to user who showed the interest.

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